Saturday, January 10, 2015

1-10-2015 Stopped Writing 2014 On Your Checks Yet??

                                                  Over looking greater Tucson, Arizona

             Today is a rare day off work--even rarer it is a Saturday.  Because I mostly live on tips I was kind of annoyed about have a weeksend off work --but tips have been good almost every day of the week lately.  And I intended to disappear on a long mind clearing road trip.   I received more bad news yesterday---and the road trip never happened.   Although I did roam around downtown Tucson in the middle of the night half hoping to get stabbed, really.  I plan on getting in some kind of hike and picture taking today---after much more coffee, but the way my head has been this week I just don't know.   I will spare you all but not going into details here.   

   For more local Exploring please check out and share my newest page  I have heard it is very good.  Picture and roaming filled.
My last post was all about Exploring Mt Lemmon for the first time and seeing the snow in Arizona.

      **Why did the raisin go out with the prune?       Because he could not find a date.**

   **"What do Coors Light and having sex in a canoe have in common??    They are both F'in close to water!"**

                                  **"I am curios what makes you so curious."**

   So in 2013 the word "Selfie" made the dictionary.  For society's sake we all should have tons of issues with this.  I am not even sure I want to learn what "words" make the list for last year.  I do not know if there is a good way to take a selfie.   I would say I completely ignore this crap but sometimes on the trail---I turn the camera around and snap a shot of myself.  I also have a lot of what might be called hotelies--I don't know.   But in my traveling I have lots of pictures of  me in motel mirrors---usually at Motel 6---where the picture/reflection always seems to come out the same no matter what city or town I am in.   I would rather see this than the most common bathroom mirror shots.  I believe if there is a good way to take a "selfie" it would be to set ones camera on auto  and than pose --looking off to the side or behind you.  As if you had no idea who was taking all of these shots of you.  I always welcome comments and or hate mail -especially on my Facebook page
   Although I very rarely ever see any feedback of any kind.  Just as long as you do not try to justify this "art" by sending me any selfies.     My computers spell check program really hated this whole paragraph---because selfie is not yet in it's dictionary.  Among other basically made up words of mine here.  

    So the other day--I was deep in the dog house at home and stayed in a motel in Tucson. I have a lot of motel stories ---and I wish to rank some of the worse ones in the Tucson area soon because apparently there are no actual health code enforcements in that town. Anyways, this was a new one for me---- I rented a room, with the old fashioned actual metal door key. I lugged all my crap up the stairs  to my door and instantly noticed that the door was barley shut. I than noticed that the lights were all on in the room. Strange... I looked around and the room was full of suitcases and back packs! I was in an already rented room. Luckily no one was in the room trying to make babies or something equal as horrible, like reading a book! I fought the urge to grab stuff and run--probably because my hands were full of my own luggage. And lugged my crap back down to the motel office. I than informed the manager that the room was either already rented out, OR that all of the stuff in the room was now mine, for free! The manager quickly got me a new --non rented room. But I had to ask when I received the key-if anyone would walk in on me later that night.


Years ago I was roaming around Sheridan, Wyoming
in another life funk. 
I spotted this van and things got better for the moment. 
The same still happens   when I come across this picture.

Today's Exploring picture O the day 
Again comes from Tucson, Arizona.
I have passed this cactus on my way to work for months now.
And finally found the time to snap a picture a few days back. 
To me it is like this cactus is bowing to us
after a long great performance as a mighty and wonderful and proud cactus. 

And today there are two!

The other day I was near the base of "A Mountain" again in Tucson
*Being in the dog house at home-gives me to much time to roam it seems*
near dusk and got this picture.   
It is very simple---but seems to say a lot. 
And I enjoy it a lot.  

Last week on the way up to play in some snow~!
I have noticed that I do not have pictures of many of my first vehicles. 
Now in our Exploring I try to snap shots with our rigs in them.  
I was going through tons of our pictures the other day and found a great shot of my buddies old truck in Washington surrounded by snow.    And think I am going to enlarge the picture -maybe turn it into a postcard and send it to him.  

I enjoyed this greeting sign I found the other day so much, that I had to loop back around
later with my camera to get a picture.  
I was roaming in the open desert last night---and behind a row of houses found a similar sign--even lit up.   Although it was just a neon cactus.   I snapped a shot---but do not have it on my laptop yet to share.   
It seemed so random and out of place.  

Just like me at the moment.  


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