Monday, January 12, 2015

Think Harder

       I have had to much free time in the last week or so.  Mostly because my smart ass comments are amusing to most, but maybe not as much so to my wife and family.  I have used the time to endlessly contemplate things it seems.  Leading to many a mostly sleepless night.  It has also allowed me to post a lot on my blog pages.  Something I have been slacking on.   In fact I made a post on this page this morning, while guzzling lots of coffee.  I have also had more time for Exploring and the pictures will appear on my Arizona Exploring page very soon.   If anyone actually reads any of these posts is another question all together.    A huge thank you if you are reading this!   It means that my mother and I are not the only readers of this page.  Although we or maybe I might be the only ones or one that understand the random rambling in the page.

Listen to The Dude!
Write that down.

The same could be said if you see a cop car on blocks I suppose

I vote   win!

If you have not noticed  I post about coffee a lot
Tonight some posts about another favorite liquid.
Does not mean I am drinking either at the moment.


Today's picture of the day   
comes from a lonely spot on the Arizona Trail
on a lonely hour just before the sun went down. 
So many trails   So little time!
I was more than a little surprised to find the famous trail came so close to our home. 
At any rage I really enjoyed this day
and really enjoy this picture.  

As always 


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