Tuesday, December 9, 2014



            Hello all!  I am not sure who's dumb idea it was to make today the ninth of December, already.  But I am not ready!  This year has flown by, and with work and all--it has went even faster it seems.  Plus with it being warm, even in December in the desert--it just does not feel like Christmas time.  At least this year we are all greatly in the spirit.  Several years in the past, I could not say the same.  But with playing Santa /helping Santa and all-- I easily believe I work much harder at home on my daze off work.  Although I would never admit that to any of my managers. 

     **"Dear friends that are freezin': It is T-shirt & shorts weather here------ Just thought I would share! Continue freezing now.  "**-----Because in the land of the sweating sun, Arizona ---You don't have to shovel sunshine!   ;)  

                                    **"Eventually we all end up quoting our mothers."** 

          **"Would you like some of my leftover coffee??"**----No One Ever
                        When I know the source of my inspirational quotes--I try to list it after
           The quote.   This one has been proven to never have been said!

                   **"Hate cops?? Next time you need help, call a crack head!"**----
         I personally love this one!   And might just get it printed onto a T-Shirt.

     I realize I keep saying this---and that today my fonts keep changing colors----but I have so many features, posts, and pictures for my newest Exploring blog page.   They really are coming!   Please check out the older posts while you wait.  And let me know what you think--and were we should Explore next.  http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/

   I am also going to set up a full web sight next year ---to sell my pictures.   More information to come.   In other "news" MY Facebook page is so close to 100 "likes" I can smell it. Please take a look around and click on "like." You know you want too! Fans say it's better than a kick in the groan --every day! Random rambling, Exploring, direct links to my blogs, jokes, my pictures, and lots of coffee love. Check it out. https://www.facebook.com/WyomingJackBobbleHeadsBlogs?fref=ts

To all of you that need much more coffee or booze
to finish or start there holiday shopping.
And now for your moment of Zen!
Several years ago---as this photos date stamp implies--
While I was in Sheridan, Wyoming.
I was out Exploring one chilly day---and came across this.
I found it very calming  and just had to snap a picture.

                                Me on my daze off work or Exploring Lego Land?? You decide

        So I am trying to type all of this before I fall back asleep.  My posts are usually loopy--but it might turn out a little more so today when I go back and read this post through again.  Let me explain---I have been sick for two weeks now.  As is much of the nation, it seems.  I have been taking over the counter meds and powering it out and going to work.  Yesterday I gave up, deciding I needed stronger medication to actually kick all of this.  The doctor game me cough medicine with Codeine in it.   And I am a light weight.   It soon turns me beyond groggy and ready for bed.   So as I said, I am trying to finish this all before sleepy/happy time. 


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