Friday, November 14, 2014

   Lots more pictures, Exploring, and blog posts from Tucson and beyond in the works!  Please check out my newest local Exploring page for more.

                     I hope everyone in reader land has an amazing weeksend!   I will be spending most of my time at work and on the road to and from work.  But hopefully the tips will be amazing.  It seems to get harder and harder each year to cover Santa's wages.  ;)  Work was defiantly interesting today.  And working in a large casino, that last sentence is saying a lot.  It is always interesting for sure.  When it is not, I will need to check myself to see if I am still alive, and than if so, probably find a new job.  Anyways our main boss was escorted out of the building by security.  I have only seen this a few times before at work, I believe both times at Wally World, none of the times was it a good thing.  At least for the manager.  The security was not assuring he got to his car safely   but that no secrets or poker chips left with the manager.  The rest of the day, no one left in manager positions would talk.  At one point several of the top managers did inform us that the manager no longer worked with our company but still offered no explanation or answers.  So as of now, I am kind of like the local news.  Baiting you to read or watch on, and than having no real facts or story really to show for it.   Just be happy I put what little I knew at the beginning of the blog instead of at the very end!
            Today we also had a customer briefly fall asleep at there table.  Not un common in a place that never closes, but a little more un-nerving when the customer is a senior citizen.  One is not always sure at first if they are taking a cat nap, or have hit there ninth life.  And you really want to take care in waking them, and not be to shocking.  But on the same not   many of them do not hear very well, so you have to be loud.  My first thought--after deciding the customer had slept long enough  and he was now making me tired---was to sit in the empty seat across from the slumbering diner and wait to see his reaction when he did actually wake up.  As usually seems to be the case, my now involved supervisors did not agree with this thought line.  Just as the manger was walking up to the customer, he stirred himself awake and we all breathed a loud sigh of relief than he was just napping and would live to gamble another day!
          This reminded me of years ago - very late at night or very early in the morning, depending on how you look at the glass of beer-I had a very tipsy customer fall asleep in his mostly empty plate of pancakes.  He was alone but he was so peaceful while asleep.  While awake and drunk-not so much.   Several of us had to debate long and hard if we should even attempt to wake him.  Again for a period of time, we were not quite sure if the person was dead or just sleeping.  But as we creeped up on the guy we could soon tell he was really alive!   By seeing the bubbles form in the leftover syrup as he slowly breathed!  At some point we considered it betterer, for us to just let him sleep.  An hour or so later, he awoke with a start.  An even bigger start  when he realized the plate was stuck to his head with all of the left over syrup.  Good times were had by all!  

Did you think I was going to make it through a whole post without mentioning coffee??

Did you??

Someone has to out vote all the dead people that also voted

                                       Poor Butch he just wants to eat the hat. Bah hum Bug!  ;)

**Maybe because I grew up in Wyoming But I hate when snow makes the news---- It is winter time, this is not news. If Phoenix or Las Vegas got nine feet of snow, than THAT would be news. Just sayin'**

Above is one of my favorite pictures from Bellingham, WA 
It also shows what they call a big storm.  The kiddos and I took it as an excuse to Explore in the snow.  With few people to annoy us, because no one ventures outside in such weather here.  

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