Saturday, November 19, 2011

11/19/2011 Weather Reports For All!

   I did not take this picture----but think it is more than awesome.   Downtown Sheridan, Wyoming

  **"Typing. Like. This. Doesn't. Make. Your. Point. Any. Stronger. It. Makes. It. Look. Like. Your. Computer. Has. Asthma."**------Most of my friends have interesting typing habits online or on cell phone texts.  My worse is my bad spelling skillz.  Which can soon make conversations very interesting.  One of my newer friends, seems to usually use all capitol letters.  Maybe because she is always yelling at me, or maybe the caps key is stuck on.  Aren't the above colors extra festive for this time of year?  I can not believe it is this time of year already.   The last year has flown by at an amazing rate for me.  I started this blog in BFE Sheridan, Wyoming  in December.   About to move cross country, get married, and fully loose my balls.   This year I am back in Sheridan, Wyoming.   Glad I do not have my balls anymore because they would freeze off. 

       So the other day winter came around, in full blast!   I grew up here but have been in warmer climates for so long, that I have defiantly become a wuss.   Not to say it's not cold outside by any means!  So not used to winter, that I am pretty sure I choked on a snow flake on the way to work yesterday.  At first I tried to complain about things, but than several of my friends looked at me and yelled "Welcome to Wyoming!"  I actually really like snow.  Its just the ice and cold and such that come with it, I could do without.   Last week, I decided to get Broncytus  something I could also do without.  The doctor also told me I had a bad case bad spelling also.    So the near zero temperatures are not helping me feel much better.   My buddy repeatably telling me that only old lady's with houses full of cats, are the only people that get Bronchitis, also has not been helping me feel my best.  Luckily I lost all self confidence during my years of working at Wally World!

     Another thing I could really do without is the constant road condition reports on the radio.  All day at work we herd about the same report, every five minutes.  Usually I can block out the radio-something I definitely learned at Wally World.   This kept you from hearing the same mind rotting songs, and any pages involving you or the department you supposedly worked in.   But because of the storm it was so slow at work, blocking things out were not an option.  The worse part was the actual wording of the reports.  Until well into the day, they kept saying we had a chance of snow flurries.  At that point there was about 5 inches of snow on the ground.   Whatever the case, by the end of the day, I had a full rant for the incoming night crew about the radio reports.  Which promoted them to text me fake weather reports the rest of the night.  This tells me two things.  One- maybe I really shouldn't have most of my co-workers cell phone numbers.   And B-- I may need new friends.  The day also made me want to become a radio DJ  just to make the road reports.  And than yell, "Welcome to Wyoming!!" at the end of each one!   My last weather report back to the happy texters, was ---  A 30% chance of light come day time, with a chance of white stuff on the ground.

Easily the largest icecycle I have ever seen
Story, Wyoming

                                                                      Bellingham, WA

    We got a nice dumping of snow on the ground.  I only know all that white stuff out there is called snow, from the informal road reports described above.  And at the moment it is only 6 PM and it is 1 degrees outside.   My Washington friends are trying to whine about the winter weather now hitting them also.   All I can say about that is --- Washington's snow storms are about like June weather in Wyoming.   All in all, I can't complain much.   The only really bad thing here, is when you get so cold, your boogers freeze inside your nose.  Now that hurts!  I am also pretty sure crying would be a bad idea in the winter.  Because the drops might freeze all over your dam face.  If it gets much colder I might start to cry, and will have an answer for you on that one. 

                                                                  Winter in Sedona, AZ

Even the birds are attempting to stay warm

                                                                    Road to no where.

                                                            As always---Happy Trails!!

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