Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breakfast Is Important

**"Wants to join the "cereal box" dating service. I've dated enough flakes and nuts...all I want is the prize now ;)"**---Chip-A-Hoy

Even with how important breakfast is, I tend to rearly eat more than all essential coffee in the mornings
This works well until busy weekends, which is any weekend at work. 
Every time I would think about eating, it is busy, and I am serving people food all day.
Not the best combo.  And many days by noon, I am overly shaky.
The fast pace often makes it hard to sneak of to the restroom also.  Many a day I am
in the dinning room, trying not to do the pee pee dance.   And am sometimes
very glad that we wear dark black pants...
It's an important meal, no matter what time you eat it.  I love a great huge breakfast
at midnight.   Brinner I do believe it's called!
Anyways the other day we were talking about my cereal, Fruit Loops
and how I might very well be able to take over the mascot toucans role!
At least my cereal wasn't determined to be Special K I guess.

The above pretty much shows my cooking skills.   Although I can work my way around a bbq very well.  My ex used to see me heading toward the kitchen, jump up, and say "why don't you watch some TV, I have the cooking under control."

  **"There would be a lot less litter in the world if we just sharpened the walking sticks for the blind."**

          **"If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea... does that mean that one enjoys it?"**

                          ‎**"Dammit I'm mad spelled backwards is dammit I'm mad."**

**"Morning all! I have not had my coffee yet, so will not add a good to the morning till later."**--Me

                                                                   Sign me up for the above!

  Trying to finger out whats wrong with my cell phone. I felt so "naked" with out it all day. And more than a lil worried that I didn't have it but could feel it vibrate all day.    Yes I give my phone number out to everyone, just because I like the vibration.   But at least I can admit it.   A few days back, my phone became a paper weight of sorts.   I could still use it as an alarm clock, calculator, or to hold down papers on my desk.   But nothing a phone should do, worked.   Simple things like sending or receiving phone calls.  I have had many paper weights in my life.  All of them being very costly.   From laptops to cars that no longer ran.  Even the paperweight I bought long ago, became an expensive buy.   I was trying to build my credit at a jewelry store and made payments on a kool looking actual paperweight.  Some were along the line I missed some payments and the dam thing ended up costing me about $50 bucks.  
    So I called the dreaded tech support for my phone.   They are usually very helpful, but so hard to understand it hurts.   Some calls the only words I can make out for sure are "thank you Mr Adams"   This one was not going much better, I could not even understand the numbers she was saying.   And I had the flu hardcore, so my nose was overly plugged.  What a pair!   About 45 minutes into the call, my tech support person was on hold with another tech person.   They decided my phone was not fixable and offered me a new phone.   Trying to give my mailing address turned into another huge process.   Taking over ten minutes to get right in her computer.  Part of the problem being that no one, even in the 50 states, has heard of a state called Wyoming.   The other part being my mailing address included Sugarview Drive.   A strange combo of words.   We got the sugar part down pretty fast.   But she was having trouble with the view part of the word.    At one point, I was yelling "it's like your viewing the freakin' sugar!" into the phone, which didn't seem to help much.     We will see how long it takes to receive my new phone.   I did sadly notice, after I had sent off my old phone, for exchange, that I had forgotten to write down any of my stored phone numbers.   I have most of them stored in my computer some were, after the day I flushed my old cell phone.  

     It's all fine to talk to yourself, not as fine, when you start answering your own questions out loud. 

I also want to pay someone to continue updating my Facebook status  a few times a week.  Just to see if it trips out my friends.  

      So a friend of mine had court last week, and I sent them the above picture.   Maybe that is wrong, but I had  a good laugh, and that's whats really important, right?   I think more wrong was when I first moved into the valley of Arizona.  To Florence, AZ.   It was a prison town.  With like five prisons right out of town.  In fact you passed signs coming into town  warning everyone to not pick up any hitchhikers no matter what.  The prisons were right outside of town, and a favorite night hike, up mountain  offered a great view of alllll the prison lights.   Actually being surrounded by wide open desert, it was kindda pretty.   Anyways, my buddy wanted to send me an orange sweet suit and orange pants for when I went jogging.   To see if the local sheriffs would pick me up.  
   **"I think one should daily do as many good deeds as bad deeds, just to keep Karma on it's toes."**--Me
                     I hope you all have a great day.  I am off to eat so cereal!     Happy Trails!

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