Tuesday, October 11, 2011


  **"Any ideas what I should be for Halloween? Even though "sheep are safe!?" That is out, I do live in Wyoming, and there would be a good chance of getting molestered, but not in a good way! Someone said --a shepherd that's not bad. Any thoughts from people other than my friends?   While in Billings once again next week, I plan to look for a costume I can actually wear at work.  Mine was lame last year, my main influence being that I wanted to be able to wear my hat to work. 

                                            OR  SHE BOUGHT THE HYMAN REPAIR KIT>>>

**"I read drugs are bad for you.. I quit doing them, I read smoking is bad for you, I quit smoking, I read drinking and sex is bad for you.. I quit reading!"**

             I start today's blog in saying that I miss my water bed.  I have not had one for over ten years, but really enjoyed the one I had, until it came time to move.   I state this, as I sit on my bed.  It is not a bed I own, but my bed for the time being.   It is actually comfortable, many of my beds in the past were not.  And I am more than sure that many of the motels I have stayed in had bugs I kept trying to catch, but probably really never wanted to actually see.  Motels are an eerie place anyway.  And the beds are fine I am sure, if you sleep in all of your clothes and a bio suit!   But about ten minutes after you fool around with someone in a motel bed, with all the lights off you start to feel itchy.  As you lay there trying not to be itchy, you think of all the things that could have happened in the bed before you got in it.  Than just about as you are ready to jump out of bed, and turn all the lights on, catching a ton of bugs, so many that they are about to carry your bed out the back door, you realize your partner is sound asleep and not itching themselves at all.   The only other drawback to a water bed, I found was when you were drunk.   Not really when you were drunk, but when you tried to get out of the water bed the next morning.  With a hangover.  You had to start sloshing around, and kind of catch a wave, that eventually almost throws you out of bed.  But not quite.  Causing you to splash around again.   Soon you just feel sea sick of sorts and try to go back to sleep.   But all the sloshing water makes you need to pee even more.

                         **"I ate way to much again last night, but dang it was good!"**----I am just storing on the extra winter weight now!  Whats strange is that all of my pants are to big suddenly.  And I am working in a restaurant, surrounded by food, eating to much of it every day.   But who's complaining!  Maybe that light beer really is helping out!

   I found I actually enjoyed my last two daze off work.   Although it really does not pay well at all.   I had lunch with my parents, coffee with some good friends, explored, and just did lots of nothing.   I will have pictures up very soon of the exploring.  I also ended up at work, for some great pie.   Although it wasn't fur pie, something often talked about, but beyond my budget!   I believe the few customers in the restaurant, I swear I say tumbleweed go across the back dinning room, must have thought I was a great customer.  Because everyone, including the boss, came out to visit and or sit with me. 

So someone just sent me a whole e mail, about buying bobble head dolls. 1000's to choose from..... Nice
I get constant crap about the way I walk.  And the name bobble head has followed me for many years and jobs.   Even without my ex being around to tell other workers about the name! 

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