Monday, October 3, 2011


  This has some how become my slogan lately in a lot of ways.   Of course living at work does not help in getting things done in the real world.   Most months I post a blog 15-20 times.  Last month I think I had 7.   Sad face!  I am working on way more posts.  And still keeping them quality posts that all two of my readers will want to read.  

   Tonight's is mostly pictures I have borrowed.  And what you might call filler.   Because it is filler.   I think the pictures are funny.  And if they are yours--thanks for making us laugh, and I have no cash for you to sue me for. 

                                                     This sign should be used more places?  

   I have always liked the Simpsons.   Still more than most cartoons out there.  Although South Park runs a close second.  I was very happy that the Simpsons movie was still funny, after all these years of the cartoon.  

            Or of a drug habit, but that is a different story and a much harder sign to write?

At Wally World, parents just leave there kids in the toy department as a great free day care for them.   I don't know how many kids, I had to kick off bikes, they were ridding around the store.  The best is when the parents ask the workers, if they can watch there kids while they go shop.  Because of course the workers have nothing better to do with there time.  While the parents are off buying condoms that wont break this time, or whatever they need. 

            **"Nine out of Ten people that talk to me--say I have diarrhea of the mouth!"**

     **"Smile it will only get worse!"**---Marshmallow-----My boss used to say this all the time.  And he was usually right!  I called him Marshmallow, because he seemed to think he was a hard ass boss  but when someone asked him something, he always did what they wanted, so was soft and gooey inside.   But I thought he was great because he cooked me breakfast all the time, and would stand by the door on weekends, when I worked very early, with a cup full of coffee just for me!   Saying-- "you look like you need this."   This line can apply to every day life though.   I don't know how much I hated having all my friends telling me how life could only go up from were I was.  I believe I heard this for three years straight at one point.   Just tell it like it is folks.

This is supposed to be a picture of the oldest known remains of a politician ever.   Not really much more to say about that.

  The above text colors reminded me that I saw an entire isle of Christmas stuff up in Wally World today.   Way too soon!!!!   I know that retail is always ahead of the times, but holy crap!   Luckily I do not really have anyone to buy for this year.   Last year I was returning to were I thought I would call home, with three kids in the household.   And I can say, that watching them that time of year, is way more entertaining, than any family gatherings here, with all adults.  I started this blog in December, and time has flown by since than at an insanely quick pace.  The Christmas village used to come out about Halloween time.  Every year we would get a Wal Mart building for the village, that was supposed to be the focal point of our display.   Every year we some how broke that building. 

I call this a red neck mansion right here.   I actually do not think it would be that bad to live in at all, if it were not for all those dam stairs!   I know someone that lives in a van, who if you ever let them sleep in your back yard, could have your back yard looking like this before you could say "what the Durp!?"    I also feel that most Wally World parking lots have become the cheap mans KOA campgrounds.   For those of you that don't know a Durp usually is a red neck  a particularly dumb one, at that.   And it stands for  Dim-witted Urban Redneck Parole.   I have dealt with more than my share of those.   Including one that wanted to kick my ass   all because I told his wife to buy him a pink moped instead of a new convertible. 

Facebook is supposed to drop a whole bunch of new changes on the public very soon.  I think these ones would actually be kind of neat?  

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