Thursday, September 29, 2011

                                                How to tell if your neighbor hates you??

              **" Somebody just called me childish, I almost choked on my Lego."**

                    **"I'm not your daddy IM Your grandpa!"**---Geico commercial----That is one of my favorite Geico commercials for some reason.  Possibly because the dancing is so crummy, like mine.  Or because I  call someone at work Gramps.   My all time favorite is still the ad were the mom is driving the lil pig home in her mini-van, and he is yelling "weeeeeee!'    But as we have proved many times before, I am easily amused.   One has to wander if every ones car insurance would not be way cheaper, if there wasn't soooo many insurance commercials?  Personally mine, could not be cheaper---I have not had a drivers licence for years, so do not need car insurance.  I greatly miss having a vehicle, and will have one again very soon.  But I do not miss paying for gas, repairs, and or insurance.

 **" It's great fun to go to Octoberfest and ask drunk German lookin people why the fest is in September!"**

                An old painting I found of myself, while roaming around downtown.

   **"Those New Zeland guys can't go to sleep counting sheep, because it turns them on to much!"**----Tosh.O----I talk a lot about sheep and they being safe!   Maybe to much, since people keep sending me random pictures of sheep and such.   I even have a whole collection of stuffed sheep as an inside joke.   I attempted to explain all this in a past blog.  But think I made things more pervy sounding for myself, if anything.   O well!   I was in the big city of Billings for a few days.  I will talk more about that trip in another blog.   But while in a "adult book store"   I put this in quotes, because I saw no books.  Except maybe the one the cashier was reading.  Anyways, they were selling a "love ewe"   blow up inflatable--I guess thats one and the same, sheep.  Complete with boobies!   I do not have a picture, beyond the one on my cell phone, because I was not brave enough to pull my cell phone, or anything else out of my pockets while in the store.   Sorry for you all.   I did send pictures of the box--to many of my friends through the cell phone.   My ex, replied with, "You bought it right?"   To which I instantly replied "Who says I do not already own one?"   Sadly I proably would have added it to my sheep collection, as the star focal point, but it was $22 bucks!  Even for the west, this was just a lil wrong---and baaaad!  
     Not that these type of stores are ever nice, not that I have seen many of them.  But this particular store was extra "seedy."   It was kind of like walking into someone's house.   The products were on shelves made out of plywood.   And near the viewing room was a sign---again sorry I have no pictures----  pleading for people not to pee or cum on the floors, while viewing any videos.  And talking about the a recent STD outbreak in Billings, with a place with cheap testing.   Neither I was before aware was a problem in Billings. 

                                             Wyoming Valentines Day Post Card???


   **"If most accidents happen in or near your home. Aren't people with RV's doubly screwed?"**

                                **"My new pick up line..... Blink if you want me!"**

                     **"Your moms so fat on Halloween she yells trick or meatloaf!"**

              **"He either has a light bulb in his rectum or his ass has an brilliant idea!"**----Scrubs

                           **"I wish my money would have sex in my wallet, and multiply!"**

I have talked about this subject in several blogs.  So will not touch on it again.  But thought this was overly ammusing.  

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