Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/10/2011 Remberance--- Gloom & Doom Free

    **"College Professor stood on his chair & said, "If GOD really exists, knock me off this chair" Nothing happened & the class was quiet. He said, "See! now I'll give it a few more minutes". A Military Vet stood up, punched him in the face, knocking him out, then sat back down. As the Professor came to, he looked at his student & asked, "Why did you do that?" Veteran answered, "GOD was busy protecting my buddies fighting for your right to say & do stupid stuff, so HE SENT ME!"**

                **"Safety first. Just kidding, coffee first. Safety's like third or fourth."**-----
   We used to get steak bbq'd for us at Wally World after so many days of no worker accidents.  Unfortunately workers got hurt about every other day, so we did not hit this landmark much.

   **"If we put pictures of lost kids on beer cans instead of milk cartons, we'd find them in about 15 minutes!"**----In some states they are now putting pictures of dead beat fathers on pizza boxes, in hopes some college kid or hungry stonier will call them in.  Both are a good idea in my book.  

                          **"Tonight at work is going to be great fun! Minus the fun!"**

 I so do not understand this state.  While in Washington I had to beg for "low end" jobs, and places I did not really even want to work.   One interview for a part time dish washing job, put me in a room with 40 hopefuls.   The restaurant had about 10 customers at the time of the interviews.  I could not find anything steady.  And picked sticks in the middle of no were all day for $10.00 bucks an hour after answering a Criegs List add.   The only plus was that no one wanted to lose there jobs.  So you could dine at the crummiest of restaurants, and get four star service!   Here-no one actually makes it to there jobs.   We have at least one call in or just no show every day.  And about two people a week just stop coming to work.   This allows me a lot of work time, living so close to work.  But boggles my mind at the same time.   In fact the whole state is short of good workers.   You can kind of chose your job, if you can pass a drug test. 

  So I am sitting here watching Fox cartons and they are Mutton busting.   I have learned that few people outside of Wyoming seem to know what that is.   Maybe a good thing.   But maybe infuses to every generation here how safe sheep really are?   Just sayin'

    **"Me? Behave? Seriously... As a child I saw Tarzan strolling naked. Cinderella arrived home after midnight. Pinocchio told lies. Aladdin was a thief. Batman drove over 200 miles an hour. Snow White lived in a house with 7 men. Popeye smoked a pipe and had many tattoos, and in later years, PAC-Man ran with digital music eating pills that enhanced his performance. The fault is not mine!"**

                           **"Kids who hunt, fish, and hike don't deal and steal."**

    **"I told my family that I would never want to depend on machines and fluids to keep me that's when they took away my computer and coffee maker!"**

So over my days off, yes I actually got two off in a row.  Something about clocking out of an 11 hour shift with 39 hours, keeps the managers from calling you in!  I "busted" my first pool of the summer.   Were you use a pool that is usually guarded, and never yours.  When it is really hot, the local Holiday Inn leaves the electronically locked doors open to keep the windows from steaming up.  Vegas has some great pools to bust, but they are increasingly harder to break into.  
  I also believe I found some of those candy cigarettes.  I have not seen those for years!   I did not go in the candy shop, because I did not have any money on me that day.   My buddy  says he has not seen those for 25 years.   Although he is also the same person that told me I should try actually lighting up a few to see what happens. 

                **"I like kittens they aren't stupid ye,t like full grown cats."**--Me

    **"I wonder if I could save more than 15% on my car insurance if Geico wasn't paying for so many flippin' commercials?"**---I do get a giggle out of some of there commercials though.  Especially the one were the lil pig is getting the ride home--and yelled "weeeeeeee" randomly through my work place for many a week.  I have saved a ton of money on car insurance, simply by having no car.  But that is also a pain in the butt, and my walking feet.

  **"Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars and I think to myself, where the heck is the ceiling?! "**

        **"My girlfriend is a porn star. She is going to be so pissed off when she finds out!"**

                           And now today's long awaited Daily Blog Post picture!

  OK the name needs some work, defiantly.   But every blog I am going to post a picture of my own and tell a little about the picture.   Starting with old pictures of mine.  And than moving on to a brand new picture each time.  This is picture number 2.

   This is yet another picture from Bellingham, Washington.  Between Whatcom Falls, and Whatcom Lake.   Remains of the old rail road can be found all through town.  And I have seen pictures of the tracks going across Lake Whatcom years ago.   Right through the middle, which seems like a ton more work than going around the lake.   Anyways, I feel at this point that my life is on these tracks and about to fly or take off in great ways.  Or crash and burn in the water below.   Whatever way it will be a hell of a ride, and I like this picture!



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