Tuesday, September 13, 2011


    After another weeksend spent almost living at work, and waking up still very much not awake sometime still in the morning on Monday.  I think I need to ask my friend how she constantly has so much energy.   She basically has two full time jobs, and from the early hour she wakes up, till bed time, is in constant motion.   I have had two jobs before, and found I had a ton of cash, but had no free time at all to do anything even close to kool.  Lately I do not have energy at all, and one job is plenty to wear me out.   I realize she eats very healthy every day, so much so, I sneak snack foods into the house when visiting.  But have to wander what else keeps her going.  Do they make healthy crack?  And do people share this?
    So I am sitting here downing all essential coffee, and watching the localish newscasters drone on about if they pronounce it "soda" or "pop" when ordering  a carbonated beverage.   I believe my I can actually feel my IQ lowering while watching this.  And I may not have that many  points to loose.   Can one's IQ actually hit negative numbers, maybe from drinking to much soda pop.   I say localish news providers, because living in BFE Wyoming, the closest news comes from 200 miles away.  This particular broadcast comes from Denver, another state away. 
    Last week Vancover Island experienced an earthquake.  A small one, but another place recently that has not really experienced this.   Some of my friends in Washington felt the after effects.   Others were at work, and knew nothing about it.   Which I found a little odd, since I live states away in the middle of no were, and heard about it.   The raise in disasters lately, makes me almost like living in Wyoming.   Nothing really happens here at all.   Although Yellowstone is supposed to erupt in a fiery vengeance very soon!   I have wrote about all this before, in past blogs.  But maybe there is something to the end of the world coming very soon.   I doubt we are lucky enough for it to be this year.   There are so many different huge disasters that could happen.   My buddy believes that when we hit a certain number of gay folks, the world will kind of hit self distruct.   It is to early in the morning to go into this much deeper, check out my past blogs for more "insight" and to argue with me. 
    Today's picture is in Sheridan, Wyoming.  Takin' from Sugarland Ridge-it has two of my favorite things in it.  I have a ton of pictures of both clouds and the sugar factory stack.  Both make for great pictures.  

   December marks a year of this blog.  And I would like to thank all two of my readers!   I want to make a lot of changes in the next few months.   And hope that the changes and moves in my life, make for a more interesting read each day.  I will be bringing back my Friday "mini rants."  And adding some kool new ideas.   And will also be trying out some advertising in future blog entries. 
               As always ---please comment ----good or bad, each thought helps me improve.

                                                                        **Happy Trails!**

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