Friday, September 23, 2011

**"I think I need happy pills the drunk is wearing off!"**

  So--we have this gal name Echo at work. She says something---and I yell what? Than she repeats it again. And I yell --"Wow theres a freakin Echo in here!!!!"-----So it is defiantly not all fun and games at work, like maybe when I worked at Wally World, but when it is slow, we really earn our $2.25 an hour as servers!   I have some more posts about Wally World coming very soon.  And believe that I could write a book about how to slack in each and every department, yet still look busy.   Adding in different fun things I have tried during my 8 year "career" with the huge box store.  I figure it could be win-win.   I could market it towards the hundreds of new workers the company gets each year.   And if that was not a big enough cash flow---work on negative publicity and try to get Wally World to pay me to never actually release the book.
   The newest entertainment for me at work, is to hold peoples food way up high, when  I deliver it to there table.  And than if they look like a fun bunch, call out food items completely different what they ordered!   Maybe even items we do not even sell at this restaurant.  And watch there reactions.   More posts on this, once I see if the above is read by anyone that will get me in trouble at work!   I have already learned the hard way that way more people read this blog than I had before thought.  And have issued a few apology posts.

   Above is my favorite name badge ever.   It hangs on my fridge.   Now the stores tend to lock up the materials to make name badges.   I defiantly earned this badge in many ways!   But lately I have learned that I really have no usable job traits or skills.  I have eight years in retail.  Whatever that does for me.   Beyond a great dis-like for retail.   And I have worked in restaurants for years.   Neither seems like a real career.  Beyond that, being a prick is fun, but does not really pay to well.   Unless I finally live my dream and become a stand up comedian some day. 

         **" Havn't had enough coffee--to re-learn Facebook! Off to work."**---- So I woke up way to early the other day before work just wanting to check my messages before going to work.  And everything on Facebook had changed!   I have seen a lot of complaints about the sights changes, but really don't mind any of them that much now.  That morning, I was not to impressed though.   I can say that the Cat in the Hat poem about FB's changes is well written and cute, but does not work.   It discusses the hate of the new changes.  But in the Green Eggs and Ham book, after trying the eggs, he decides they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    **"Sometimes you gotta stop worrying about were your going, and just enjoy were your at."**----Scrubs

                                     **Ok, who's guilty here?
A wife wakes up from a dream yelling ........"hurry my husband's home".....
...the husband wakes up and jumps out the window....

        **"The postal service is about to be returned to sender."** ---The Colbert Report

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