Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Last Thursday Night Festival In Sheridan

**"Sometimes you gotta stop worrying about were your going, and just enjoy were your at."**----Scrubs

      Few of my friends that are not from here seem to realize how small this town really is.  The population totals 17,000 ish.   But the town is very stretched out.  It even has three exists off the highway.  To see everyone you know, one just has to visit the Wally World super center.  There are more cows in the surrounding than people, by far.   Although we support three Mcdonalds, there is only one Starbucks.  Something that did not used to be in town, and I am very grateful it is.  Being one of the few good coffee joints in town.  In fact I am there now, enjoying a brew and writing all this rambling. 

    This town comes alive in the summer.   No matter how short it may be.   Prime example seems to be this year.   Were we got tons of rain, and than a month of hot weather, and now it is trying to skip right into winter.   Every third Thursday they have a street festival.   I am usually working during this fun.  Were we stay very slow, because most of the town is at the festivals.   I have written about going before.    Please check out my post-----

                             3rd Thursdays--Main Street-Sheridan

  Last Thursday's was different because I had the night off work.  And because it was the last one of the summer.  A very depressing thought for me in several ways.  I am still not sure how it is already this close to October.   Although I do really enjoy a good October fest celebration!  The most fun, beyond the drinking of course, is to ask random drunk German looking people, why October fest is not in October.   You get many varied answers.  Non I can report about now, because I was also enjoying a brew or seven.  More deppressingex's unofficial anniversary.   We are not sure what the actual date is.   And although we never married, and seem to be doing much better off far apart, I believe the month might not be a good one for me mentally.

   Back to the fair---man your mind wanders!   This one was very busy.   I saw many good friends.  And a few people, I could deal with not seeing again.  Enjoyed some good food, an expensive cup of bubbly water, heard some great music, and got to feel even older.  When the Sheridan cheer team came out.   I went to Big Horn, and we never had cheerleaders at all.  To small of a school.   I even got "suckered" into buying raffle tickets for Holly Name  by a very aggressive and persuasive 7 year old.  

  At some point I saw a few co-workers of mine, and we roamed the streets for awhile.  Ending up in front of the mechanical bull.   Named Felix or Flipper, or some lame F name.   Defiantly not a respectable name for any kind of bull.

  One of my friends had never ridden one before---and we tried, not very well, for quite awhile to get her on it.  An older man passing by, even got involved, offering the full ride fee, if she would take an 8 second ride.   Even though it isn't often an old man hands randomly hands anyone money, she never rode Fred.   And eventually the other friend jumped on the bull.   I have not got permission to post any of the pictures on here---so below is a picture of me riding one in Seattle, WA.     Were I learned that drinking more does not let you be a better rider.   My first clue should have been when I tried to mount the bull, and about flew off the opposite side.   Long story short---I got launched half way across the bar, and the padding even hurt a lot on the way down.   As in other adventurous in my life---the part were I was in mid air, was very kool!  

    I used to have this picture on my Facebook page---but had to live with my brother saying I could not brag until I rode a real bull.  Which was something he could easily arrange.   I found it easiest to take the picture down.  

  The rest of the night was spent with good friends.  Listening to great music, as the sun slowly turned fully into dark. 

                               Today's Blog picture is from Main Street in Sheridan, Wyoming.

   One of my favorite statues downtown.   Except maybe the newish one, of the sheep!  This was takin' right after I came back to Sheridan the first time last winter.   And he continues to be one of my best buddies in town.   Right after coffee!    I even taught him how to sit!

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