Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wha!!? More Rambling

                                                     Call if your not interested!!

    I have been greatly slacking in posts.   And actually hope to make two today.  I have some great ideas and posts in the works.   And in hopes that putting some of the ideas in writing will help motivate me------   I will soon write about  the last Sheridan Thursday night street festival
Friends   Relationships    The top worse rentals I ever lived in      Jogging again      Top ten hike tour blogs I have posted so far.   Best and worse places and or business in Sheridan  Travel blogs outside of boring Sheridan, Feature guest blog writters  etc etc etc
As always if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please share!

    **"Ever had a cross eyed girl friend and than dumped her because she was seeing someone else?"**

                        **"If you don’t have anything nice to say—Come sit by me!"**

       **"One cannot fully understand something—Until you can explain it to your grandmother."**

            **"Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but many people abuse the privilege!"**

  **"Free coffee at McF*cks all week. Anyone want to go? Ill buy!"**---Me-----Mcdonalds once again had there free coffee week.  And I did not make it once.   Getting to work at 7 many days, having coffee at home was defiantly the quickest answer.   They do not have the best coffee around by far, but it is OK, and was free.   Starbucks very randomly gives free coffee  and if you live in a bigger city, you can be very happy on caffeine after visiting about the 8th coffee shop!

  I did not take the above picture.  But have to say that it turns into my morning routine many a day.  OK almost every day.  I have been trying to cut way back on Facebook use, not on coffee use by any means.  But fear that I might need an intervention from FB.    I am constantly surprised how so many people read allllll of the drivel I post daily.   I try to keep it amusing most of the time, but any time it is hateful or I post bad news, I get lots of replies.   I have a rare day off work today, and although I did finely make a blog post!  I have found myself online way to long once again.  It would not bug me as much, but it is actually nice outside this morning, and  I fear that nice days are on there way out for the year.

     **"I'M NOT A WITCH, I'M YOUR WIFE!"**---The Princess Bride----- One of my favorite movies of all time!   Would have to say Office Space is right up there in my  top ten. 

    **"So i make it to the top of the great mtn. And the all knowing Guru tells me "to get a haircut and a real job!"**----Me----Tell me something I didn't know!   I will get a haircut and return to my van down by the river to think things out.  

               **"Mornings would be great if they came much later in the day!!"**---Me-----I have been working many early mornings lately.  And although I am very grateful that this saves me from working with the always interesting and entertaining night crew, well, it's early.   Luckily we sell coffee at work.  

               **"Can restin your cell phone on your "junk" give you cancer down there??"**---Me----After I finish cooking this baked potato on my cell phone, I will let y'all know.

  **"Why is it that when a woman gets pregnant all female friends rub the belly and say "Congratulations!",but none of them rub the guy's cock and say" Well done?"**

**"A Blond and a Brunette were hanging off a cliff and a boy comes along a has to pick which one to save he picks the Blond so she claps :)"**

                                                             Watch that first step!
                                    Anyone in Sheridan know were this was takin'?

                                            And now it's time for today's picture.  Wahoo!

    This was shot in Story, Wyoming last winter.   And is quite easily the largest icecycle I have ever seen, by far!   It has been chilly enough to dig out my hoodie in the last few nights.  I never had to wear more than a hoodie while living in the Great North West.  The other day they were talking about snow above 2000 feet.   And I feel it is way to early for this "fun."  I have lived in warmer climates for to long, I fear, and even choked on a snow flake last winter.  I fear that after about a month of summer, we will all be shoveling ten feet of global warming very soon!  
      I will have more chilling pictures up soon.   To get everyone here ready for whats just around the corner.  
                                                           **Happy Trails**

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