Sunday, October 9, 2011

10/09/2011 Not The Brightest Crayon In the Box

                                       As always I love to hear your comments.   Good or bad!   

    **"We should celebrate Columbus Day, by taking over an apartment complex, and calling the land ours."**

                                **"If you smoke after sex, your doing it to fast!"**

                            **"I need more happy pills, the drunk is wearing off!"**---
   I was talking about how easy it is to get "happy pills in the North West, because it is so gloomy and rainy all of the time.  Some people really do have depression, but the doctors are ready to yell depression to anyone.  And I probably was at the time, rainy outside every day--just went through a break up--was working at Wally World...   But was very sure I did not need the pills.   In fact I gave them to a friend of mine.  Which explains a lot about both of us, maybe.  Anyways, as I said, I was explaining all this at work, and a co-worker, I almost typed cow-worker, which is something else entirely.  Asked if the pills were blue?   To which I replied---"They are not that happy of a happy pill."   For those of you that don't need them, or don't get my e mails, he was talking about Viagra.   Please note, I do not send out the e mails, someone really did break into my Yahoo account.  I do not feel you need Viagra, and if I did I would joke about it behind you back.  AND I certainly would not keep sending the ads to my parents!  

                                        They found the pot at the end of the rainbow~!

            I have heard talking to yourself is perfectly fine, until you start answering your own questions.   

                                                   **Coffee helps you go poo!"**

  I have talked about the joys of coffee a lot.  In fact, in looking over some of my old posts, I would say coffee comes up in some form in about 90% of my posts.   But it is my best friend by far at the moment.   My only complaint about any coffee shop, is the coffee bar.   Were you can add creamer and such.  It takes me 5 seconds to add everything I need, and enjoy my brew.   Most people stand up there forever.  Adding creamer than sugar, stir, add more sugar, taste, add more creamer, dump out some coffee, because now the mixture is to full.  They are keeping me from my dam drink!  And I think most people could mix a martini faster!   I am bringing it up tonight, because last week had national coffee day!  Truly.   I believe it should be a week long, but no one ever likes my ideas, and I am actually surprised they get a day for that, outside of Seattle.   I celebrated with a cup of Joe  even before I knew it was a "holiday."  And than returned later for another cup, after I had read the big news.  

             **At least one person at CMT is losing there jobs. Y'all hear about that?-----

 So apparently --the other night while some country video was playing on the station, someone had dubbed over all the words, and all that could be heard was the N word, until someone jumped in and fixed the huge situation.   You can view this all on U-Tube already I am sure.   But I am sure at least one person is losing there job.  And at one point anyway, it was a $400,000 dollar fine ever time that word was uttered on air.  So that could become very costly, quickly. 
                      **Is it a sign of the times when the dollar store offers layaway?"*-----I HATE all the dollar stores--were everything is more than one dollar. If you have to do a price check at a dollar store, something is wrong!   Price checker at a dollar store should be the easiest job around. "Oh that there item ---let me check--it costs one dollar!"

                                                                 Tis' the season!

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