Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10/5/2011 Once upon a time.....

    A great former boss of mine would not let me tell her a story, no matter how great it was, without first saying "once upon a time.....    She would walk off while I was talking if I did not start out this way.  Of course I have great stories.  Most of which are even true.  I wish many of them would come of as well in writing as they do when I verbally tell them.   Like this story for example.   Anyways, to save my vocal cords effort, I took this picture while downtown, and would show it to the boss before starting a great story.  Or even a crappy story.  I think this should be painted just inside the city limits in Story, Wyoming.   But most people do  not like my ideas.   I do not even like them many times, after they finely make it out of my head.   But I do enjoy this idea.   For now. 

This sandwich can fetch itself!  No dogs or buns were harmed in filming this.

               So after a very slow day at work I once again had to much time to think.  Sorry for y'all.   It seems that yesterday was overly busy at work, but I was not working.  Maybe it is because they put me near all the windows at the front of the restaurant.  Were my ugly mug scared them off, even from the road!  Although I am positive it was slow, restaurant business is never the same from day to day or even hour to hour.   There is also never a nice in between.  It is either very slow, were workers swear they see tumble weed crossing the dinning room.  The only other alternative is that the place is so packed, you really don't have time to screw up, or think.   I actually seem to screw up the most when it is amazingly slow.   Having many brain farts, and forgetting to do little things, like take customers drinks or there food maybe.   When it is busy, I stay on top of everything, and provide extra excellent service.   
     I am pretty sure were I work is going to once again pass down a new dress code.  If what I heard is true, I am not excited at all.   White shirts and a tie in any restaurant are not a fun costume.   I do not do well with wearing white in any setting.   And can ruin a white shirt while just sitting in a chair at home.   I have had this costume before, at a Pizza Hut of all places.   And have to say the shirts were rarely white.  We could have used the shirts as sauce menus.  Although saying "this spot tastes like marinara sauce" was frowned upon.   Until I got a tie pin, I would tuck the bottom of my tie into my shirt, to keep it out of customers pizzas.   As in many situations, you have to wander, just a little what cooperate is thinking.   While at Wally World we were all pretty sure, the people in charge of dissions were just messing with us all, to see how much we would really put up with.   Decisions were made that made it impossible to help the actual customer.  When we asked a manager why ?  They just said "that's what cooperate says to do."   I usually had the day off, when the big wig managers came to visit.  To avoid me asking why a lot.   And my bosses never liked when I was asked anything, because I would tell the truth, not usually what anyone wanted to hear.  For the most part, we learned to not ask questions, smile and nod, and figured that the head bosses were smoking some really good sh*t up there in there offices.  With the one way windows.   Being in Oregon were everyone seems to deal with drugs in some way.  From growing them, using them, or getting contact highs from those around them.   Most of us just wished the managers would share!


    One of my co workers, who does not ever seem to do much at all, told me he could not go to coffee the other day, because he was going to lunch with his grandma.   I have to wander if that is what they are calling it now.   It does sound much better than choking the chicken for sure!    But why drag ones poor grandma into such talk.
   This does not count if you were reading the above, out loud.   Or if the voice in your head paused on the word This and is still stuck.   Hit the play button, placed conveniently on the top of your forehead.  

    As I am typing all this, I hate looking out at the sunshine outside.  After a full day of work, I really don't feel like roaming around and enjoying the sunshine.   No matter how few days of this might be left this year.   Before we are buried under mounds and mounds of snow and or cold.   I do have an extra day off work this week, and find it highly likely that I will spend at least one of those in Billings.  I have kind of decided to stay in Sheridan for the winter, and try to sneak off to Billings (the big city) more often to keep myself happier.   This means that, I really need to post about my last trip up north, before I go again.  And I need to find a ride, if I am going north next week, even for a day. 

    The dogs eyes maybe an indication that you are not the best driver anymore.  This town for sure could use some tougher restrictions on elderly drivers.   I believe some of the local dead citizens still have a current, and regularly used drivers licence.    One South Park touched on the subject.  After to many deaths caused by the older folks, one involving a car landing on a fisherman in the middle of a lake, all the older drivers lost there licences.    The seniors, after the recalled what they were angry about, took over the town.   And the only way to gain the town back for everyone, was to close up the local Hometown Buffet.   Seniors were lined up by 5 PM trying to get in, and mad as heck that they couldn't.   Soon falling to the parking lot ground in hunger pains.    I am not saying all seniors should loose there licence.   Most people my age, should probably also.   I already have.  Mine driving is soooo good, the local police decided to keep my licence on file, so they would always have it!   Maybe we just need a better testing procedure for every age?  

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