Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thanks Netflix ---again

   **"Sometimes I like what Google guesses I am looking for, much better than what I really am looking for! Even after one letter."**---Me-----Although if you are not careful most of the searches lead to one option close to what you are looking for, and many porn sights.  

**"To give you clue of how my work day went today---we put every ones first name initials on the side work chart. Today it spelled out PMS!"**----I think it made the store manager nervous when I brought this up to her yesterday.  But I am not sure if she was nervous that the letters spelled that, or that I noticed it.  I used to have a boss, that would blame being extra annoyed on PMS  she would pretty much blame everything on it, actually.   I finely told her that it wasn't PMS if it lasted eight years straight.   I can sense from here, that my readers are not as amused as I am, and I have already typed PMS way to many times for my own comfort. 

    Many months ago I was lucky enough to be able to log onto my friends Netflix account on my computer.  I felt even luckier when the snow started to fly, with constant days of just cold.  Although if it was an extra windy day the computers buffering, was more than a little annoying.  The only other complaint I had was using my extra small laptop when it came to an action movie.  But both were minor inconveniences in the long run.   I watched many movies, in every category.   And with the great stuff, saw some overly strange stuff also.  That friend and I also watched the same movies at the same time, kind of like a long distance date.  I also did a whole blog post, you can check out, and argue with, about movies watched during that time.   It's a very long list actually.   I also rated each movie, with my own rating system and told a little about each movie.
   Just lately were I am staying, the owner dropped cable, and it's huge expenses, and bought into Netflix.   I have been working to much, to report on very many movies at all.  But have found myself stuck on watching season one of Raising Hope.   I do not like most of the new sitcoms, but do recommend this one.   It manages to be funny, sweet, and a little inspirational without jumping into the lame stage.   They also, greatly for the most part can stay funny, without being all about sex.  If you plan on listening to me, and watch the series, watch the first episode for sure. 
   In it the main character goes out for ice cream and some how saves a beautiful girl.   After spending the night with her in his van, his family finds out that she is a crazy serial killer, is there really any other kind?  And they turn her over to the police.  Turns out the boy got her pregnant that one night.   Even though the state decides to kill the woman.  And the show is about the boy and his family trying to raise the baby.   Complete with there "crazy" grandma, that seems to take her top off once an episode.   The last one I watched, everyone in the household ended up on the sex offender list, separately.   For stupid and comic reasons. 
    One of the few movies I have had time to watch so far was "They Live."   Ok movie--with one of the best lines I have heard in years.   This movie was onna those kick ass---fight aliens that look like humans movie.  Kick every ones ass it seemed.   Anyways the main line ---somewhat cleaned up was  "I'm just here to chew bubble gum, and kick ass, And I am all out of freaking bubble gum!"

    After over a year of not watching anything at the movie theatre---I have been to four or five movies in the last two months.   Actual movie house movies that cost $10.00 a pop.  We hit a matinee in Billings, while waiting for the temps to lower outside.  It was early enough that we got in at a discounted price.  But than actually payed more for our drinking soda than the movie cost.    The most amusing movie lately was seeing The Lion King in 3-D.  I have seen the movie many times.  Have seen most cartoon movies actually.   I first have to say, the Lion King is a great movie, but defiantly not one of my top favorites.  Next I have to mention that we went to the 9:30 showing, so there were no kids in the theater at all.   Just a bunch of people, my age, enjoying the show.   That's part of the wonder of Disney, everyone can enjoy, without feeling bad about it.
    I randomly pop things like my hands or a tray, in peoples faces at work, and yell "It's in 3-D!"  As usual I am often the only one amused.  One night I kept doing this to the same worker.  And she finely needed to inform me that "not everything was in 3-D!"   Which I replied--"That's true, and why theres 2-D!"  Sometimes I think there is 4-D  like when you go shopping late at night.  When only shop lifters are out, and people with amazingly bad B.O.  Which you can not only smell but taste and feel!


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