Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pioneer Park--Ferndale, Washington

       I have posted before about Ferndale, and am slowly deciding that it would be a great place to live.  If nothing else it is a great place to explore.  A few weeks back we found ourselves along the water front and than into Pioneer Park.

  The water is running very high at this point.  But is still managing to stay in all the local river banks.  If you follow the trail, near this bridge and Main Street, you will find a great water fountain.

                                     The walking trail is also very wide and welcoming. 

     Many signs tell you about taking care of the river and the many types of fish that reside in it. 
And than you pass these great totem poles. 

      Further down the trail you get to the actual park.  This large park has baseball fields, a playground, covered picnic areas, and the city library is also here, so there is lots of parking. 

    The wagon in the entry way, is fenced in to preserve it, but many relics and old building await to be explored in the actual park.   We went on a rainy day, before summer actual kicked in.  But in the summer all of the buildings are open to tour. 

                                                                         The church

                                                              One room school house.

     You can easily spend a good deal of time here if you have kids with you or not.   
On this day we also went to the other side of the river, to Ferndale's other great park.  On Main street when you are under the underpass turn left, if you are heading into the heart of Ferndale.   Follow the signs.

   I have posted about this park before, but on that day most of  the area was flooding.  
Above is the gardens you can roam through.   Filled with local vegetation.  And everything is marked so you can identify flowers else were in your travels.  

                                    Many trails also branch out from this location. 
 Most are not pet friendly though, please note. 

     You can also explore this look out tower.   And see the sights from the top.   At the bottom you can control the camera on the side of the tower, and spot your friends in the near by fields or try to find your car in the parking lot, with the camera.

    On this day we chose to walk to the learning center.  Mostly to wear out the kiddos and our dog. 
But it is not a short walk.  And you can drive all the way to this barn.  Inside is filled with old farm equipment.  

    Behind the huge barn is pens filled with farm animals that you can feed.  From goats to huge turkeys. 

    Max our dog was very interested in the bunnies.  Luckily everything is in cages.

    More picnic areas can be found in this area.  With BBQ pits.  If you wander far enough, there is a large area for playing horse shoes.  And easy access to the river. 

                                                    Also another great tower to climb.

    Please keep checking back for tons more exploring posts!   I hope you enjoy them all.
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                                    And thank you all for all of your support!!

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