Wednesday, July 4, 2012


  1. Fireworks Behind Statue of Liberty --- Image by © Creasource/Corbis © Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

     I hope you and yours or just you and you if you happen to be single, have a great 4th today!  And that you have great fun, but not so much fun blowing things up that your co-workers will start calling you Stubby on the 5th of July.  We have a very busy day planned out.  And with one day to enjoy fireworks here, we are going to blow some stuff up for sure.   Some how while dating my wife for 7 years, her, the  kids, and I have never celebrated this holiday together.  I have had some great July 4th's in my life.  Many of them in the Bellingham area.  Many involving booze and shooting fireworks at others.   Cliff notes:  When a firework of any kind makes contact with the skin, it hurts!   Were is the safety warning that says that??   There will always be fireworks of some kind in Bellingham----if not the ones pictured above, from people with to much free time worried about fireworks annoying dogs, being to loud, and get this, ruining the sunset.  Faaa on you!  Is what I say to these truly un-patriotic "Americans.  Maybe they should dust off there history books.  

       So this is the first year I have done fireworks in several years.  Luckily we have been seeing more rain than heat here --or fireworks might be banned here this year.  One of the huge celebrations back home, in Wyoming--is canceled this year because much of the state and surrounding states are on fire.  In Arizona even mentioning fireworks is against the law!  But it is 120 outside, in the shade.  When I first moved there, I had lived in Washington before.   I had forgot about a trip to the reservations to get "real" fireworks, and that most of these were still in my pickup.   My wife and I were on a trip to Viva Las Vegas, and we would be passing over the Hoover Dam.  Because of 9-11 security is tight in the area, and they do random vehicle inspections.  Or they used to, now traffic does not even go over the dam.   On the way to the dam, I recalled I had many fireworks behind my truck seat.  We quickly decided to ditch them in the middle of the desert for some scorpions and lizards to play with.   With my luck our truck would have been searched and I would be stuck in some jail cell under the dam trying to explain my plot to blow up the dam with sparklers.  

      Last week I shared my thoughts on banning private fireworks.  You can read that at any time.  Cliff notes: I am against it!   My coffee has not fully kicked in, meaning my brain is still warming up.  So I will post more 4th of July stories in my next action void blog!   I will also be updating my other blog sight a ton in the next few weeks.   Please take a look around and let me know what you think so far.
    Several of the future posts for this sight are going to be "published" on another sight.  I put published in quotes, because I am not sure how it counts as being published if it is on web sights.   How ever you count it, I am very happy it is going to happen.  

    Kaboom!   is very fun to yell!   There are lots of words that are fun to yell.  And this is one of them.  To add extra fun on this holiday, yell it while your buddy is perched over a firecracker, trying to light it, but ready to run.   Since 9-11 it is not the best thing to yell in many situations.  Like in the middle of a supermarket or when the border patrol comes up to your car before crossing into Canada, Aye!   Or if you are touring a home land security office.  Or if you are attending a parade today --do not yell Kaboom! as the retired vets march by.   I always try to be helpful in my posts!

    So I posted the other day, that I was having trouble using spell check on here for some reason.  Just a note for all of those worried about spelling!   I have had people with to much free time, e mail me because a word was spelled wrong on one of my Craig's List ads.  And my brother is more than sure that if I use bad grammer on Facebook --- people will laugh at me.  More than they already do that is.  Have you read anything on FB?   The above is written awesome compared to most things on the sight.  

    I have mentioned before that my cooking skillz are almost non existent.  I can BBQ well, will be doing that today in fact.   But my wife see's me heading for the kitchen, and asks me to go sit down and watch TV.   

   Another type of celebration---at least for me, is that as of yesterday this blog hit 9000 views!!   Thank you all!    

            I am not going to enjoy some sunshine, family time, and blow some stuff up!   

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