Monday, July 9, 2012

Sale Items & Rambling

       Hello---especially to those of you living in the Bellingham area!   I hate to be a sell out, but selling things is exactly what we need to do right now.  We recently purchased a storage unit, and have our living room full of great items.  We need our living room back, and need to get rid of these items.   Here are a few of the kooler things---but we might just have what you are looking for --at awesome prices!   Prices shown are not set in stone either, so if something catches your eye, please make us an offer.   Help us reclaim our house and pay rent.   Contact me at or call 360 332 4651 if you wish to make an offer on anything you see.  To not feel like a total sell out-I am also including some pictures and rambling to make it seem like a real post for y'all.

 Vintage "40's or 50's wood case record player.  This will add class to any room in your house.  Solid and built to last.   This does not work, but I have been told it is an easy fix, for someone with the tech know-how.   Have to see this to fully appreciate it.  $80.00

   Brand new Star Bucks patch.
Make your own worker cap.  Wear it with pride while you guzzle coffee! $10.00

1996 Commemorative Stamp book with mint stamps.   And full color pages about each stamp.  $25.00

Jolly Rogers Flag.   Fly it high and proud!!   AAARRRRGGGHHH!!  $15.00

Tiger print blanket.  SOOOOOO soft!   Only $20.00!!

Random Beanie Babies $ Hot Wheels  Low Low prices  Always!

Full length leather coat.   $60.00

Fireplace set with wood carrier $25.00

Stiletto shoes  **Sorry if I spelled that wrong, I am male--last time I checked!  $25.00  Brand new!!

Cossco ladder  nice sized  $40.00

Music set.  2 guitar stands, keyboard stand, and music stand ALL for ONLY $50.00!!!

Wood coffee table.  MMMMmmm coffee!!  Pull out drawer to stash your stuff.  $45.00

Wood bar stools  Both for $20.00!

Tall metal candle holder Yours today for $15.00

Kool old bottles

Many many more items----   Large and small.   From toys to stacks of Rolling Stones magazines.   
Please contact me today to make an offer or see what other wonders we have!

And now some rambling!   I will return with a full funny and or interesting post tomorrow.

That's not funny...... or is it?

**"Reading is sexy!"**

Fail or epic???

I have posted a lot about vegetarians.  But think this one is classic, yo!

**"The more you know."**    
Fear Big Brother!

I have no insurance so my DR rights things out very neatly.

MMMMmmmmmm   coffee!!   Git you some.   Screw that  Git me some!!

I love this one!   My biggest complaint when I am out exploring, is that everyone around me is roaming around with a cell phone stuck to there ear, asking someone else were they are at the event and what they are seeing.  Steven King's  The Cell deals with the evils of cell phones.   Something I am trying to break the spell they have on myself also.  

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