Saturday, July 28, 2012

                         **"Beer is good, God is great, and people are crazy!"**

   **"I'd like to find the judge who gave Pabst it's blue ribbon & kick him in the nuts."**

                     **"My wife and I had words, but I didn't get to use mine."**

    We have been dealing with a lot of crazy lately.   So much so, that I really do not even want to sit outside or have our front door open.  To get away from it just a little bit, we are running to our car this afternoon *so no one see's us, and going to BBQ/picnic at one of the local parks.  Always a three thumbs up idea in my book.  

         Speaking of crazy, last Wednesday an armed man robbed one of the banks in the heart of Fairhaven.   He than got away, on bike.  Not a mooter bike, but a bicycle.  We first found out because several helicopters were circling our area, flying very low.  The only one I could recognize was a border patrol helicopter.   Although it seems odd to have the boarder patrol involved, we are very close to the boarder.  And when we lived in Blaine, a boarder town, if you had to call the police, the boarder patrol would show up first.  Anyways, we got online and found out about the bank robbery.   After we locked out front door, I decided to take our dog Max for a ride, and roam around the small town in our car.  I got a few pictures, nothing thrilling at all, mostly of the bank and entire areas police force around town.   Since they were not great pictures, and I am still unsure of how legal it is to post pictures of police officers, I will not post any of these on here. 
    It took a few hours, but the criminal was caught.   What remains crazy to me, is that in this day and age someone can still rob a bank, and get away.  Even if for a little while.  With all of the cameras and such that are every were.  This isn't the wild wild west anymore.  
      While we lived in Arizona, the land of the sweating sun, banks got robbed all of the time.  One bank robber jumped in a taxi cab to attempt his getaway from the police.   One has to wander what cab driver would allow this, and why the cab driver would accept the fair knowing it would mostly be stolen money.  And the bright yellow color made it an easy mark for the police to follow.   By the time we left the "great" state, people were breaking into construction sights, stealing backhoes and than digging up ATM machines, and than driving off with the machines.  Usually these machines had big chunks of cement stuck to the bottom of them.  Try explaining all that to the police, when you get pulled over for having Bank of America's ATM sticking out of the back of  your pickup truck!


                                        I seldom have the above problem  ;)

                                             Sadly the above is my war cry way to much.  
But I am working on being more productive in all aspects of life.   And most of my list will start tomorrow!

   Have you ever gotten one of these cones stuck under your car?   It is a huge pain to get them back out from under there.    Although I hit a bucket once with my truck, and got it wedged very well under the truck also.  

      So the above person was told that he could not fly a flag in his yard by the home owners association.   So he quickly decided it was time for a new paint job on his house. 

                                                            Mmmmmmm coffee!!

    If you took all of my pictures and such about coffee in all of my blogs, you would have a lot of coffee pictures!     I hope you enjoy at least some of them.  

   Would you drink out of this coffee mug?   Or is it a complete fail in your eyes?  I still have not decided.  But if it was good enough coffee---- I am sure I would make it disappear even from this mug!

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