Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthdays And Other Pains

      So a few days back it was my birthday, nothing special it is just another day for the most part.  My wife bought me a French Silk pie, which was beyond wonderful in my belly!  And I went to work that night.  Possibly the best part about having this new job, is that no one knew it was my birthday.  No greetings on the time clock, no announcements of the PA loud speakers.  I got my own section of tables for the first time that night, meaning training was over, so that was a great present for sure.  I love that this place actually gives work training, most places train you in a super quick crash course and than set you loose on the customers.  Four days of training is great for the newbie worker and the customers, but it also means four days with no tips.  
      New stats show that many people die on the week of there birthday.  Because of stress and such factors.   Of course these stats came out just before my birthday.  So I do not know if it was old age setting in, or that I had heard these stats, that I started feeling really crummy that week, health wise.   And am very sure that I told my wife, that I would be overly annoyed if I woke up dead on my birthday!   Either way-- I  made it long enough to type today's post!   I am not sure how old I turned--but it was olllld.   My wonderful mother's birthday is the next day.  So I always recall her birthday.  What a birthday present she had the year I was born, getting to sit in the hospital and all.   If it were not for Facebook, I would not recall MANY birthdays.   But the real question is, do I really care if I know most of these "friends" birthdays or not?   My mother informed me that I only get half a credit this year, because her birthday card was still sitting on our desk on her birthday.
       I have rambled about this before---probably on my last birthday---- but I find it almost disturbing to wake up on your birthday and get on the computer.  Every social sight knows it is your birthday.   I realize I sign up for these sights and tell them when I was born.  But pre-coffee it is a little more disturbing.  

      In looking over my Facebook posts over the last week or so---I have noticed that I have been overly negative.    Our neighbors are driving me crazy and my wife and I have came to the conclusion that our friends and many relatives only show up when they need something.   I want to post a sign on our door that says   it says nothing, signs can't talk!    That reads "**We are all out of favors for ingrates, please try next door!*** I am done with ungrateful, selfish, babies this week thanks for playing!"

It's me!

I will probably post more about all of this on a later date, but wish to keep today on a lighter mood--so will show a positive, in my eyes from last week.....

    Exploring Big Rock Garden Park last weeksend. The kiddos were exploring, and some people yelled at them ---Because they were trying to enjoy the art work! Our youngest stopped--looked at them--and than said---"yha!? Well I am just trying to run!" And zoomed off. ;) Made my day !!   I have a post coming about the joys of this park--I really do!

    If I have not mentioned it before---I love my new job.   I have not worked in a casino before, so there is lots to learn.  But I have worked in many family restaurants, so the basics are there.   Anyways, last night --which was a Thursday night, I made $80.00 in tips.  That is about what I would make in two Thursdays combined at my last job.  

This is part of the huge expansion coming to Silver Reef Casino.
*were I work

                                                 Here here!      I wish it was that easy.
                                              I wish both of the above pictures was that easy...

Happily I have both!
Coffee and a more than wonderful wife.  
But we have definitely learned that you can not live on love alone.
Those dam landlords will not take food stamps or Monopoly money as payment. 

Speaking of beverages----It is Friday so 
To all of my readers.

    The Olympics also start today.  For those of you that will be watching all that excitement.  *Yawn

                                     We can only hope that day is only that violent!

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