Sunday, July 15, 2012

Professor Getty

       I have this buddy named Professor Getty. I have worked with him at several Wally World's and he is one of my few long term friends. We have been there for each other for at least ten years. Meaning it is a give and take relationship. That is very rare. My wife and I have recently decided that we both need new friends, because our current ones only seem to know how to take. They only show up or call when they need something, and that usually is free baby sitting from us. This just happened last night, but they could never handle watching our three kids. Anyways, you are straying off topic again! My buddy and I have logged in lots of miles lost exploring through the woods. And have been on some crazy hikes in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona and beyond. He is also the only person that has experienced a hike with me, and went on more! If he ever gets wi-fi again, he will also be co writing blog posts with me. Especially the angry "mini rants" I enjoy.

      This may or may not be his real name. He also helped me pick "code names" for tons of Wally World workers. And he is helping pick me a good Indian name, for when I start at the casino. The good and the ugly, name wise. I will later explain some cautions while picking a great "code name." His name came about when he went back to college for about the third time. He soon discovered he was one of the oldest people in the class. And somehow I could picture him walking into the class room in a suit with arm patches, corduroy pants, holding a briefcase. The class room would pause, and than assume he was the professor. Bringing this up repeatably was one of the reasons he dropped out of school, but it was amusing.

      He came through town last month. And of course we had time for a little exploring. No completely crazy trip through forest and ocean. But still a good time.
We started out in a great little town named Fairhaven. Because that is were I live.

Around The Village Green. Many events and free shows happen here through the summer. And it is a great place to wear out the kiddos.

Than we had some time to smoke a cigar down by the bay.

       If you follow State Street into Bellingham and than keep following along the shore line and the magnificent large houses, near the airport you hit a turn out. Several trails branch out of here. All of them are lame. But the view can be very amazing. Down below this huge hill is some great exploring. And I will share about this in a very near blog post.

This great plane circled us as we were out watching the bay line.

We soon decided it was time to move on, and headed back toward downtown. If you take a left just after the bar--Coconut Henry's I believe it is, there are trails to explore galore! Many lead around the Bellingham Tech College.

Just look for this stack. Before the stack and the college, off to the right is a nice large sized area to park.

You than come upon some train cars to explore. Do not get on the train cars! ;)

The next day we headed off for Larrabee State Park. Miles and miles of scenic views are offered both on the road and on the trail. We did not head down to the beach, but decided to head up into the forest.
Mr Getty showing off his rental car and survival gear from Haggins Grocery Store.

The trail soon got boring and we took off straight up a huge hill. We do not favor trails, because someone has already been to were they lead.

Another little waterfall. The fresh water slowly making it's way to the ocean.

I do not see how this lake could be very lost
with this huge sign and all.

We did not make it all the way to the lake. Mostly because the trail continued up ward and
because you and I have seen lakes before.

Above is one.

Another blog post to come---Lake Sylvia

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And as always I greatly welcome your comments on my thoughts and exploring.
Share your pictures or exploring trips!

Any guesses what the next exploring post will be about??.....

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