Monday, July 30, 2012


      Hello all!   I once again have some great pictures and exploring blogs in the works.  With my new job, my exploring has slowed down to make way for making actual money again and being a productive member of society again.   This may sound harsh to all of those that really can not find a job.  I have been there before, begging for a job I did not want at Taco Bell, and than not getting it.  But this time around every place is hiring around here--- in fact the place I am currently working at is hiring in 16 different departments.  I will refrain from calling many of the people I know dead beats at the moment, because I want to keep this a happy posting today, but dead beats is a good word for most of them.   

We only get one time to not think??
This looks like a good moving system to me, stairs are not fun!

     I pause now for all the guys out there that secretly hate Subway because there foot long ruler makes them cry for real.   
  • I can tell you it is great fun to turn down the volume on the foot long commercials and make up what the purdy girls are saying in the ads    but I am from Wyoming and very easily amused.  ----More about my short lived job with Subway, coming very soon.  

Or the winning video on Americas Funnest Home Videos

In case you have not yet gotten the memo, 
I am very against gun control.
Everyone in Wyoming has 12 guns, and guns cause very very few legal problems.  
Control new parents instead.

                           I am not sure were this is, but I think I want to eat there!

I have posted the below before---but think it is beyond perfect...

      I promise a deeper ----post next time.  I was strapped for time today.   I hope you got a chuckle of two out of some of the above.   

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