Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yahoo--August Brings Us Closer To School Starting Again!!

     I start off today with Today's picture of the day!   This was last Saturday while the family and I chilled at Boulevard Park.  We enjoyed the day and had a quick BBQ.  Quick because the wind coming off of the bay was very chilly for being a July day.   I got a quick shot of this great sail boat cruising by.   This also shows one of the many very popular benches.  I have read that there is a huge list of people that want to dedicate benches to loved ones.  And they pay $500 and up for the honor.   Once again proving I am in the wrong business.  

    As today's title shows-- although it is sad that summer is already on it's way out, it inches us that much closer to the start of the school year.  With three kids at home for the summer break, that news is like an early Christmas gift for the adults!   I at least now, disappear to work for most of the day-five days a week, so get a little bit of an escape.  

    Last month our oldest son asked us what our favorite building in Bellingham was.  After some thought on the subject--I decided it has to be the old city hall building.  I have a ton of pictures of it.  This one I just took a few days ago.  You can see the building from most of town, and it allows for a great picture from almost any angle.  

  I was out exploring the other day and came across this sign possibly written for me, and had to get a quick shot of it.  This was on a caboose.  I have always loved cabooses and am sad that they appear on fewer and fewer trains now a days.  I always thought an abandoned, yet fixed up caboose would make an awesome office space.  

     Anyways speaking of trouble-as we pulled into our apartment complex this afternoon, we were greeted by several police cars in the parking lot.  Not greeted, as they were there to see us, but to visit another neighbor.  Of course everyone else was outside --watching.   One neighbor had all of her doors open, and I was joking about her being busy inside flushing all the evidence because she thought the police were coming to her house.  Similarly one morning when I was still working at a restaurant in Wyoming--- just as I was walking up to the back door to start my work shift, a cop car pulled up from both directions, parking behind me.  I was overly nervous and was ready to assume the position and put my arms up on the wall to be searched.  But they were there for one of our cooks that day.  


     I have been out roaming taking new pictures.  So many exploring blogs are in the works.  
This is downtown on Holly Street.  You can see the rocket statue behind me for Rocket Donuts.  Every time I am in this area, I can smell the donuts and instantly crave one.  Today for the first time I got to fill that craving.  My family and I went in the place.  They have a large dinning area, filled with great sights.  And the donuts are as great as they smell!   They also have lots of selections of coffee and Pepsi in glass bottles.   It just tastes better that way, some how.  

   I believe if we changed the chores--- and tried this in our home, everything would be done daily for sure.   

**"Not only do I take the short bus to work, I drive it!"**

     I have written about this before---but I have always wanted to ride the city bus in some large town, like Seattle.  And wear a helmet and act, "special."   Put an rear view mirror on the side of it.   Think about it, you could do almost anything, and no one, including the bus driver would punch you.  


                                                                   Wait     what!?

You look perfect!!

Now that's deep!

     Tomorrow we go on a mini road trip.  At the moment, because I am new at work, and weekends are very very busy, I do not work weekends.   This is taking a lot of getting used to.  I will return with an exploring blog.   I recently got another Shel Silverstein book for my birthday, so I will leave you with this poem.....


      **"If I could only see the scale I am sure that it would state, that I have lost ounces, maybe pounds or even tons of weight. You better eat some pancakes, your skinny as a rail, I am sure that's what the scale would say, if I could see the scale!"**--- Shel Silverstein

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