Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whistle While You Work

      So all last night I had this song stuck in my head at work.  I publish it in this post in hopes it is now also stuck in your head! ;)   There are of course much worse songs to get stuck in your head.  Like the Bloodhounds Bad Touch song--- if you don't know what I am talking about- you probably do not want to!   Today was the first time I watched the music video, and I have to say it seems a LOT like the recent Old Spice commercials.  

                                 **The cops never think it is as funny as you do!"**

     So apparently several thousand police cars are on recall--because they blow up when the police lights are turned on.  OK  I did not read the article very well, I am not sure why they are on recall. The moral of all of this, is that if you are a betting person, the odds are in your favor that the cop car chasing you is one of the faulty vehicles and you could make a clean get away!   Just sayin.'  
        My family and I are more than ready to attend the fair in Lyndan---but fair warning, security will be "beefed up" all week.   After the shooting last year.  Profiling of sorts will be done in the name of public safety.  And people wearing gang colors, with certain tattoos, and know gang 

members will at the least be questioned.  Maybe not even let into the fair.  This makes me stop and pander what gangs are in this small town, do the rebels go cow tipping at night?  Poor cows!   *Writers note--- I come from a very small town---and caution you if you choose to go cow tipping, to make sure you are tipping a cow, not a bull.  Bulls are much quicker on the re-bound, and are fast!   Since I live on the south side, Fairhaven, all of this makes me want to yell "Yo yo!" the entire time we are at the fair.   

      Also in the local news--because of a new Facebook page mostly talking about all of the "problem" Canadian shoppers that come to Costco.  Canadians are a huge part of Bellingham's economy, and the best part about them, in my eyes--is that they speak English, Aye!   Most of them are much more friendly than Americans actually.  And as far as them not being able to drive well---most of the plates I see on cars that about run into me or run stop lights, etc around town, display Washington on them.  
     I mostly enjoy that for the most part Canadians say the same things that we do.   I have almost always worked in customer service, and when you can not understand the other person, your job becomes very hard.   We are expected to at least know some of the language when we visit other countries.   How many workers in other countries would let you basically play charades with them to figure out they want to order a Mc cheese burger?   
     When I still worked at Wally World, and still tried to give good customer service--I was stopped by an Asian lady that asked me were garden menu's were.   I started by trying to find a guide of anything edible in the home garden or outdoors in general.  45 minutes later, I discovered that she could not say manure right, and she wanted bags of cow sh*t to spread over her garden.  

     In personal news----   This very blog hit 10,000 views this week!!   Thank you all for the support and being able to laugh at even my lamest attempts at jokes!

Good advice bus, good advice!!

       So I have always said it is OK to talk to yourself---out loud, but becomes not OK when you also answer your own questions--out loud.   But yesterday I decided that even this might be fine, if you are aware of the fact that you are doing all of this.   If you are not, you might need to re-check what size of straight jacket you wear.  

                                        MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm    coffee!

    Today's picture of the day is just above.  And obviously I did not take this picture.  My arms are not that long.    Over the weekend we ventured to the huge Cable's store down the road and had some time to explore.  They have mounted wild life all through the store, but near the back is a huge display complete with a walk through cave filled with fish tanks.   This is part of that display.   I was worried about the huge bear right behind me, but decided that the moose just to the left would defend me if need be.   Picture filled exploring blog about all of this tomorrow!

          **"My neighbors listen to very fine music, weather they wish to or not!"**

                                           I think this is an awesome ring idea!! Just sayin'

    In case you can't afford the ring.....

       I am not sure how this works--but everyone needs to advertise, and best yet---you can use Pay Pal to pay!!

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