Thursday, August 30, 2012


       Good morning y'all!   First off have you read about the Durp who opened the clothing store named "Hitler" complete with a swastika to dot the I.  He claims to have previously had no idea why the name was so offensive.  Really?  Does he think his customers are this dumb?  America and beyond is quickly getting dumberer, but wow.   If we do not study history and the past, we really are destined to repeat it.   If you do not know what a Durp is ---please take a look at my past blog post, it explains it all well.    If you do not find the post amusing, Surprise!  You might very well be a DURP!!  Be prepared to not be very well liked were ever you go.  

    If you would like to share your comments with me---good or ugly, they help my blogs become betterer.   And might just help me use real words!   Also please feel free to check out my newest page on Facebook.   You can leave comments, share pictures, post items for sale in the Bellingham area, or just roam around and enjoy some jokes.   

     Confused kitty--is still trying to figure out what exactly he is looking at.  While staring back at you.   And he says "Hi!"

I want this on the back of our car.

                                                            Next question?
                                That's not right----but many times the truth hurts. 

    I already miss the sun!   And it has only been a couple of daze of cloudy.  I figure if it is going to be cloudy and gloomy, it might as well rain, but Mother Nature does not usually agree here in the Great North West.  If you take any stock in the weather report, it is supposed to be mild and sunny-ish the rest of the week though.  

      And now on to some coffee stuff--- Because I almost always end up rambling about coffee.  And because I am still drinking the magical liquid of the God's.
      Actually more people have a problem with me, if I do not have my coffee ;)
      I have posted the above before, but it is worth a 2nd post for sure.
        Another common theme for me, is that sheep are safe.   Think what you must. ;)
        **Walk with me as I age....*

        I hope this poem has the same effect on you as it did on me - then my forwarding it will be worth the effort. Walk with me by the water - worth the read...




         ...I forgot the words.

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