Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Way To Early In The Morning To Be Up AND Make Sence

                                     **"If you smoke after sex, you are doing it to fast!"**

                                     **"Do I get bonus points if I act like I care?"**----House

                                          **"Turns out, chess is nothing like checkers."**

                         **"If you have no TV, what does all your furniture face toward?**

             **"No one gives a sh*t about all the things your cell phone does. You didn’t event it, you just bought it. And anybody can do that!"**---Sh*t my dad says web sight

                                       **"The best person I know lives in my mirror!"**

              **"Ever get that feeling were you have had to much coffee?---me either!"**

                                                               Make your mark!

     Over the last few days I have not gotten very much sleep.  So I apologize if my random rambling makes less sense than normal.  To me it is amusing, but I am easily amused.  There are many times at work were I look around and I am the only one laughing.  But at least I am happy right?   I have always survived on little sleep, but sometimes it gets to the point were even the coffee is not helping.   I work late-ish into the night and it seems hard for others to recognize that I might not be out of bed before 7 AM.  Yesterday it was a friend of ours--again, who knows I work late.  Today it was our son, who decided to stay up all night, and than be extra loud this morning at around 6 30 in the morning.  I am now attempting to keep him up all day, reminding him that we sleep at night, and that was his chance for sleep.  This game is already getting old, and it isn't even 8 o clock yet.  I wish I had the sleeping "powers" of my wife, who slept soundly through everything.  I have the amazingly annoying powers to hear everything, even in a near dead sleep.  

    So the other night at work, we were talking about random things--such as how baby carrots might make some men jealous.  And how a server I used to work with was overly angry with Subway, because there foot long measuring stick was not the same as his.  During all of this deep thought-- a joke came to me, I will share here.  *Why did the man break up with his cross eyed girl friend??    Because he found out she was seeing someone else.  *   I share all of this, not only to take up space in my blog post, but because at work we just watched a video about how to harass our cow-workers.   Wait, it was about how to not harass those we work with.  And I must say the acting was something!   The actors should be harassed out of acting school, but that is another topic.  Sometimes it is amazing what offends someone else.  Sometimes it is great fun to continue being annoying, but not if it crosses into harassment of any kind.   At least I feel this way.  I joke around a lot, most of my waking hours, which as I said, is a lot lately.  And can usually tell right off, if my comments mesh with the person I am talking too.  If something like, red is not your color, annoys the person, I will defiantly not start right off giving them sh*t!  The other newbie at work who started the same day I did and I joke around constantly at work.  Everyone asks if we knew each other before we started work there, and no we didn't.  Thanks for asking.  I could just tell right off, I could give him crap, and he would fling it back.  Not go running to management, or go into the corner and cry into the salad mixins.   If anything above offends you, like maybe the thought of getting a wet salad if you ate at our restaurant, please notify me.  After I stop laughing, I will try even  harder to annoy you!  

    For whatever reason blogger is not cooperating once again today.  Maybe I truly do need more coffee!   Although I have written several great blog posts while tipsy on adult beverages.  What ever the case, this post is takin' me much longer than normal to publish.  Plus I keep having to pause to wake our before mentioned son up.   Now for some rambling in pictures.

Our dog would lick you to death, and than help you carry out our valuable stuff. 

      It is now time for the much awaited picture of the day!   I know I know, the name of this section needs work for sure.   I am also working on many new features for both blogs.  And tons of new exploring posts.   As always if you wish to comment, good or not so good----please contact me on here or at my new Facebook page.  You can also post your pictures, jokes, etc on this page.   So far I am the only one posting on there.  

    Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county

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        Today's picture of the day you will want to keep on file, for when summer is over --very soon, and the weather report turns to rain and cloudy, every day.  This shows that we saw actual sun, lots of it, most of the summer.  I lived in Oregon many years before moving up to Washington, so understand the constant rain, and already have my webbed feet.  And the rain beats the snow and bitter cold from Wyoming, were I grew up.  But it is always sad when the sun time comes to an end here.  And than one glorious day, several months away, the sun makes an appearance.  And everyone walks around squinting, wondering what that bright light in the sky is.  And also wondering were they placed there dollar store sun glasses.  

    Speaking of the above, there are only six weeksends left this summer.  Git out there and enjoy them!   You can git back to reading and re-reading my blogs this winter!


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