Monday, August 27, 2012

                                       **"You inspire my inner cereal killer."**

                           **"For an insane person, you don't drool very much!"**

                              **"You are about as lame as a sandbox on the beach."**

    **"If women are SOOOOOO good at muti-tasking, why cant they have sex and a headache at the same time?"**
                               **"Not sure which pants to wear today---smarty or fancy."**----

  •                             I am still kind of annoyed today involves me wearing pants at all!

    **"My new party trick.. I swallow two pieces of string and an hour later they come out of my ass tied together. I sh!t you knot."**

        I used to add such deep quotes to every one of my blog posts.  But have been straying from this for awhile now.  Once upon a time, most of the quotes even followed with the theme of that days blog post.  But lately, my blogs do not really even have a theme.  I see this again being the case tonight.  Mostly because it is almost 1 A.M. I had hopes of writing this much earlier, but than the next thing I knew it was time to go to work, and than after work, the power went out at our house.  Right in the middle of my favorite TV show of course.  We have more candles than any one family should, so lit up the house, and my wife and I proceeded to make out to pass the time.  So primitive, I know, but one does what they have to when they love there partner, and there is no TV ;)   To see some great quotes, and examples of blogs that were actually deep, please roam through some of my old postings, or easier yet, go to any other persons blog sight!  

          The other day we had to take our dog to the vet.  And beyond paying out a lot of cash, we learned that it is time to find a new vet.  We took the great dog, after it's owners moved into an apartment that would not allow the dog.  So we thought he should go to the vet he was used to.  Apparently he is not used to his vet, because he mainly just wanted to eat his vet.  We have never seen him act anything like this towards any other person.  Ever.  At one point I was massaging the dogs head, while the vet tech and the vet layed on him, while he had a muzzle on, and he was very willing to bite the vet.  He was in pain, and at one point came from abusive owners, but right after this ordeal, that I managed to witness without laughing once--I am proud to say.  Although I can say I can not explain the episode to others with out laughing.  Later though--I had no trouble touching our dog in any of his sore spots, so it makes us wander more than a little bit about ever taking him back to this vet.   Dogs are very perceptive about people---although this may not be true, since all dogs seem to love me!  

          So last month I rambled on a little bit about a man who robbed the local Banner Bank in Fairhaven.  I still find it amazing that anyone can rob a bank and get away with it in this day and age.  And this guy got away on a bicycle.  Anyways, last Tuesday the same man hit the same bank, and again got away on a bike!   Did they not beef up security?  If you have your cash at this bank, maybe you should consider some were safer, like your bed mattress.  And all of this makes me start to really think I should buy a new bike!

                                                              Good times!


    In going with my theme of talking about coffee in some way in most of my blogs.  Here we go again.  Actually in my next exploring blog, I am going to be complaining about some of the local coffee joints. 
    But today I must share about AM/PM coffee.   They have a ton of great choices, for a get in get out type of place.  They also have a great punch card program--it only takes buying 3 drinks--coffee, pop, any fountain drink, and your 4th drink is free.  On Tuesdays it is double punch day, by the way.  
    For how popular places like Starbucks are, how often do they give you free coffee??

    I love the above picture. 
    And think that possibly the only shoe choice that could be stupider or more useless is wearing sandals with socks.  

    1. Here here! Neither is being fat! Every time we go to Wally World, all the electric carts are full of biguns--not old people. I have a whole blog in the works about all of this. But basically if you can sit on the curb in the sun, and make your own gravy, while sweating---you might want to go on a diet!! 

       The above said, I really do have some great and deep blogs in the works.  Please be patient and keep checking out both of my blog sights for great updates.  And share the links if you enjoy what you see!

    Seems logical.....

                                                       When life hands you lemons.

         OK I have to ask, what is going on with gas prices?   Summer is almost over, and the local fairs are all gone.  Which is why I thought gas was going so high last week.  Plus I swear I just heard on the news about a new country were they found gas all over the place.  What the heck!

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