Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stanwood, Washington Fair 

Chris LeDoux - County Fair

    Last weekend we again ventured out of Whatcom county and went to the Stanwood fair.  For the size of the town, I was very impressed.  Some of the bands during the day time --when they usually play the lamer music, were very good.   

                                         Behind the trailers  on the way to Nana's van.

     As I have mentioned before, much of my wife's side of the family, including her, has or does work on carnival circuits.   So we get some perks, and I always learn something new about the rides, games, etc from my wife.  Plus the kids get to visit with Nana and her dogs!   This is a small town, and the fair had all of the appeals of a small country town.  All of this of course is preparation for going to the Lyndan fair that starts tomorrow!   A fair my family and I always enjoy a ton.   I would recommend eating ahead of time---we spent a small fortune on food that is found on many dollar menus, hold most of the grease, but the cash went to a great cause.  Not just to line Ronald Mcdonald's pockets more. 

                                                                        Picture time!

                                       A very helpful sign by the fireplaces. 
                          Something no one needed with the high heat that day.   

Sign me up!

Part of the wake up comity

Of course there were plenty of animals to view.  Even between judging.  And the owners were more than willing to share there knowledge about each animal. 

     I have always thought a pot belly pig would make a great pet.   Being in an apartment --it is not really an option.   Plus we were informed that you can buy a piglet for $100.   If you did not have to factor in all the food they would take growing up, that would be some cheap bacon.   I fear coming home from work one day, to find our now large pet pig, being cooked in the back yard.   But I assume that if we bought and raised a piglet, and named it, the kiddos would not let my wife cook the yummy pet!   Just recall at some point they grow up and are the size of the momma pig to the right or bigger.....

The kiddos got to ride some ponies.

   The sheep had there own building!   Being from Wyoming --I have heard all of the sheep jokes  - and do not need any more gifts of Velcro gloves, thanks for asking.   If you do not understand, you are not from Wyoming -- and you do not know me.  Consider yourself lucky on both counts.  ;)  Anyways, my wife was more than ready to snap the above picture of me by a bunch of sheep.   

For a little better understanding of this whole paragraph please check out this link from my other blog series.   I hope to explain it all, but think I just manage to make it clear as mud!

Styling hippie sheep.

                       KKK sheep?     Keep him away from the black sheep of the family.
   Before I git tons of hate mail, I am talking about the person in your and my family who seems to keep doing wrong.   Don't think you have one in your family?   Surprise it is you!   Too late I am sure this has already offended someone.  

    "Cowboy Joe" above was roaming around the fair  showing how to lasso.

Time to chill and relax in the shade.

    My wife in front of the Dozzer.    Were you insert coins in the hopes to win a prize or push piles of coins out of the machine.   We hope to some day soon have the means to purchase one of these and follow the fair circuit through the Great Northwest and maybe venture into California a little bit some summer very soon.  

                               We hope to see many of you at the fair in Lyndan!

                                      Another exploring blog coming tomorrow!

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