Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Rambling, yo!

Thompson Square - Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

     Now that my wife and I have settled down and got married after seven short years of dating.  Well at least we got married, I don't know about the settling down part, we decided it was time for us to have a new song.  Our song used to be 50 Cents--- "B*tch get in my car"   Every time we take a road trip as a family in our car, the above song comes on the radio.  And after really listening to it a few times, we have decided it should be our new song.   It fits the beginning of our relationship very well.   And will sound better when we tell others what our song is.  No one ever guessed what our other song was for sure!   Among a pile of blog posts to come, I am also working on a post that is just songs that fit around a story about the two of us.  This will be one of the first songs on the list.  

Thankfully mine came back.

   If nothing else we have defiantly learned that you can not live on love alone.   Dam landlords will not take Monopoly money or food stamps to cover rent. 

      I am not even sure how this ad is going.   Or what it is talking about.   But you can use Pay Pal to make payments on your divorce!

    I hope everyone out there in reader land, had a great weeksend.  I know we did.  We took a great train ride on Saturday.   

      This is one of the lanterns hanging off the side of the train.   Many more pictures to come. 

    And will be posting much more about that very soon.   I have been working on catching up on exploring blogs.  I hope y'all enjoy reading them even half as much as I enjoyed the exploring and than telling about them. 

       Have I mentioned lately that I enjoy a great cup of coffee??   Almost every blog post, you say?   

I hope you also "like" my posts!

 I will get back to you -with the answer to this.  
If you find yourself talking to me, and than suddenly chocking on a breath mint  ummmm sorry.

How come Allstate never uses this in one of there lame commercials?

I need to teach our dog this next!
Right now I rejoice with the poop bags we found that clip onto his leash.  

     Earlier in the week we had some rare thunder storms.   Rain is not rare in the Great North West.  But thunder and lighting is.  And it was some loud storms!   Our dog did not take the storms well.   And he tried to hide under our computer desk, while we were using the desk. 
I did not take the following pictures, and am not even sure the 2nd one is real, but I think they are super kool!

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