Sunday, May 6, 2012

5/6/2013 Or Still Rambling

      **"When your pet bird sees you reading the newspaper, does he wonder why you're just sitting there, staring at flooring?"**

     **"With all the technology available today, you'd think they'd have found a way to grow apples without those annoying little stickers."**

   **"There are times I'll make up words and slip them into conversations just to see if anyone is actually protempifying to what I'm saying."**------I have found it enjoyable to start conversations with strangers -in the middle of the sentence.  Try it!  The reactions can be priceless.  Unfortunately I do the same at home all of the time, with out trying to.   

    **"On my first day of school my parents dropped me off at the wrong nursery. There I was... surrounded by trees and bushes."**

  If you have not noticed yet, I tend to ramble.  This leads to some interesting blogs, at least in my mind.   Tonight is a gathering of thoughts and such, that I will try to tie together towards a common subject.  Do not keep your fingers crossed!   I also really enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with you.  All 2.5 of my readers!   Some day I hope to make some cash off of my better shots, but for now I find it very enjoyable and calming.   Tomorrow I return with a more structured blog, full of pictures from my two kids, our dog, and I exploring all weeksend.  Among other things, I enjoy a great cup of coffee.  Those around me in the morning greatly enjoy how I perk up and instantly become more human like with morning coffee.  And firmly believe this should start any day....

And than on to you mudan BS and the rest of life!

    **"We have a tooth fairy, Santa clause, & Easter bunny all of which leave stuff for you to wake up to, but we are missing the most important one, A COFFEE FAIRY"**

   I Should be a legal driver again next week! On the down side, I have to take the dam driving test. On the plus side, gas prices keep dropping!  Tomorrow I take the written test.  And to make sure nothing to stupid keeps me from this goal, when I take my driving test, a licenced driver is driving me to the DMV.  I don't want to be that guy that has no cover story when the DMV worker goes out to my car, for the drive along, and asks whom drove me to his office today. 

                                   I will refrain from asking which above is the happy pig.

  Even when I have an actual drivers licence, seeing a cop behind me instantly puts me in a mini panic.  Yes I can recall the days when I had a licence.   My question is would it be a good or bad thing to see the above cops in your rear view window, police lights flashing??

    Still my favorite name badge by far.   This usually hangs on our fridge.  I made this some time during my 8 long years working with the company.  Although I lived up to the name a lot, I never was brave enough to wear it at work.   I some how saw that being my last day working with the company.  This was my goal, but leaving on good terms was far more important.  The above may also be the reason that most stores now lock up the supplies for making ones own name badge.  But I am not a manager, so can not tell you for sure.  

    Saturday was a day between two great days of hikes at our house.  I landed a lawn job that I hate to say I am still sore from.  It would not have been that much work, but the grass was tall.  Feed by the mixture of rain and intense sun.  I was also using an old school push mower--not gas powered.  Anyways, boring story -short, I was thrilled to receive $80 bucks for two hours of work.  When I went to the job sight, we had not set a payment price, and I was a little nervous of getting low balled.   Long ago I learned to ask people what they thought the job was worth--- because 80% of the time, there answer was much higher than what I would have bid the work at. 
       Last night also marked the peak viewing of the super moon.  The moon is incredibly close to Earth, in space terms, anyway.  This allows for an extra large looking moon.  Our family must have looked like tweekers, because we kept running out the front door and staring up in the sky as the night crept in.  Sadly the best viewing was not until about 11 PM, the all knowing Google told us.  I say sadly because this is late for parents.  Also sadly the moon really did not look all that super to us.  Although I did see some great pictures of the moon rising all across the world.   Thanks again Google!   

   People keep talking about Facebook and personal information safety. If you are really worried about this or giving out to much information in general, should you really be on Facebook in the first place??   For the most part you choose what is on your profile, like your phone number and such.   Mine for a long time, said my phone number was a 1-900 number.  You chose what you share in your status or portray as you relationship status.  **FYI, the sight does not allow you to enter that you are in a relationship with yourself.**  Many things that maybe should not be out there can be learned from the sight.  But people complain all the time about others knowing all about them---here's a hint, get off FB.   I have no money to steal and would bore a stalker to death.  Although I would love a stalker, I would stalk my stalker!   I actually did have one once.  Way back when in the days of Myspace.   Does anyone still recall that sight even?  This person knew way to much about me, but it was all information I had put out there about myself.  And it was OK-ish because they lived states away from me.  I have another friend who does not like to much information to get out there for others to read.  They will talk with me on there page stream, and than later delete all of there replies on the page.  This makes it look like I was having a fully insane argument with myself on there page.   

    I have been known to anger others with my thoughts or sarcasm.  On sights like Facebook, these thoughts can be viewed by everyone on my friend list, if they like it or not.   That is why I love my blog --and maybe more so it's weekly "mini rants."   I can grumble along, and YOU personally have to click on my link, to view my thoughts.  YOU clicked there and YOU can just as easily choose to not click there again.  I hope that instead you would choose to comment on my thoughts.  My pictures.   My morbid fondness of coffee.   

                                              Don't forget your rubbers when IT'S wet

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