Saturday, May 19, 2012


                                                                  My size of coffee!!

        **"I beat this guy racing on a green light today in our Buick! It really helped me out when he used the left turning lane to turn."**

            **"Why guys walk funny..

         1: They are injured 
         2: They are trying to un-stick their balls from their leg.

       **"Ever had a girl friend who was cross eyed---and than had to dump her because she was seeing someone else?"**

                                         And today's best sign award goes to....... 

                                                                 And in 2nd place.......

      **"I just watched my dog chase his tail for 10 minutes and thought, "Wow, dogs are easily entertained." Then I realized I just watched my dog chase his tail for 10 minutes..."**

      **"It has been brought to my attention that the stick figure decals on the back windows of vehicles are NOT pedestrian "kill" scores, but, actually are meant to represent members of your family. I'll be removing mine asap to avoid any further confusion."**
      **"Humans are the only creatures on Earth who cut down trees, makes paper from it and then writes "Save the Trees" on it."**

       I never mastered chess.  Although I tried to learn it a few times.  About all I learned for sure, was that chess is nothing like checkers!

                                            I got your nose, may be the best game ever!

                                                  This one kind of explains it all. :(  
                      And I really don't know if it makes me want to laugh or cry. 

        Last week I wrote about how hard it is to find a pay phone, let alone one that actually works.  And about finding the set of encyclopedias.   Two more victims of "progress."   Destined to go the way of the 8 track and records.   Phone books are also supposed to not be printed anymore in the very near future.  

                                                      I miss Calvin & Hobbes cartoons!

      I had another job interview the other day Wish me luck on landing a server job or I will be applying at Wally World again next month.
    I am really not sure how the first interview went.  I can say it was the first place that I applied, so getting on there would be mathematically amazing.  Signs both way surfaced in the interview.  And I really thought it was going well, until the hiring manager started doodling on my paper work.  I have never had that before, and apparently was boring the crap out of him? 

    Just had to share this picture!   I got my official copy in the mail amazingly quick.   Wahoo!   And if you live in Washington---stay off the sidewalks!

    Parked beauty I saw the other day while roaming Bellingham.   This was on State Street.   Blog coming soon, about roaming down town.  

Kudos to Mr Rob who bought us this car warming gift!  An Auto Coffee maker all the way from Hong Kong.  It plugs in the cars cigarette lighter.  And seems to work.  It will be coming with us next month when we go camping.  

      Max approves of the above product.  If only because it makes daddy happy!

                                         And now it is time for today's picture of the day!

Last week we watched Davis Amusement set up at Bellis Fair Mall.  My wife's mother is working on the crew.  So we had a back stage pass of sorts.  It was actually pretty kool to watch.  Would have been way more fun to watch with a bag of pop corn though.   My wife has spent many hours with carnivals, and I thought this picture showed that well.   
  We will be attending as a family tomorrow night.  And I will surly have pictures and stories to tell. 
And than on the night they pull down and move on, we are going to park near, with pop corn and watch the un-assembly. 

You still have time to guess were my next exploring blog will be about.  
So far---0 guesses!

I  have many, many blogs and changes in the works for both of my blogs.  And hope that 
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Good Times!

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