Monday, May 14, 2012

                                 My mom tells me I am special every day!

        **"While creating women, God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the world. 
                     And then God smiled and made the earth round. "**

        **"I am going to start conversations with a compliment leading into an argument. For example---- That's a great hat your wearing, want to F'in fight?"**

         **"Never introduce yourself to your new neighbors until they have all the heavy stuff moved in."**

      **"Saw a fashion report saying that with low riding jeans in style, butt cracks are the new cleavage. What was wrong with the old cleavage???"**

       **"Oh, you hate it when guys stare at your boobs? You should call the police and report the person who ripped your top four buttons open then."**

               **"When I walk out naked to get the paper.. Squirrels are in awe!"**

       **"Washington friends tend to forget what that bright light in the sky is! There is a new thing called sunscreen--- so that you do not have that lobster red glow! lol Mr Rob is the first "victim" I know of this summer."**----------

                      Sun burnt Rob also says you should check out my newest page!/WyomingJackBobbleHeadsBlogs
        Tell me what you did over the weeksend.  Send some pictures.  Check out my blogs!   I am always looking for new readers ---so please pass on the link if you like what you see.  

      First off--this is supposed to be the warmest day so far this year.  It is not even 9 A.M. and already very pleasant outside.  I hope everyone gets a chance to git out there and explore.  Or at least have lunch out in the sunshine!   I know I am quickly getting my farmers tan back.  My problem is that I too quickly go from pasty white to lobster colored glow in the dark red.  Today we roam to the big city of Ferndale for several doctors appointments.  Thankfully we have the car, because even being the next town to the North of us, it takes 3 buses just to get there.  And than I am very excited to have a job interview at The Olive Garden in the early afternoon.  Almost as exciting, as the doctors, we are getting some lawn chairs.  Exciting both because we will be using them on a camping trip next month.  And because it will allow me to move my laptop "office" outside.    Today is also dance like a chicken day----so have fun with that!   


      I did not write a blog yesterday-----so hope that all of the wonderful mothers out there---had a most awesome day!     

         It was beyond nice outside here at least.   We had a very relaxing day.  Topped off with some  great family time down by the bay in Larrabee State Park.   We were defiantly not the only people that had that idea.  

                                        Very "helpful" sign in the hills of Larrabee. 

                                            Fail might be to harsh---I kind of like this!

     I found this sign while up by Lake Whatcom.   Mostly because I saw the word "poop" from across the parking lot!   And I believe it is far from a fail!    A few "mini rants" ago was just about this topic, and the sign made it in that blog.   

          Possibly the best sign I found over the weeksend.  And it eventually led me to beer-30.  This is located on Railroad Street.   You can find it for yourself in your exploring.  More about this in my next exploring blog.  

                                                          Were to hide were to hide!?

                                              Today's picture of the day is an older one.  

      While I was still in Wyoming my parents and I took a little drive and ended up in Acme, Wyoming.  Once upon a time this was a thriving town, thanks to the coal mines.  Now mostly ruins of buildings can be found.  It is very fun to look around.  I believe the above would make the most awesome driveway!   In the left corner you can see my dad.   He just had a birthday!!  And fathers day is just around the corner for those of  you that still do not have calenders.  

    Read all about that day of exploring----


  1. That is an interesting photo from Acme. I need to explore that more. It looks as though the trees were planet deliberately to line a road of some kind.

  2. There are some kool sights out that way. I put the best that I found in the above mentioned exploring blog. And the pits are sooo nice now, it was never like that in my highschool days. Just be careful, because much of Acme is now used as a target practice range.