Friday, May 4, 2012

**Mini Rant #15--First Hint Of Tagging, Sell Your Sharpie! **

    With today once again being Friday it is time for yet another "mini rant!"  Today's rant makes number 15, which conveniently and numerically is the logic choice after number 14.  But first much rambling.  Something that has made this blog mine for sure, and hopefully kept it entertaining.  I know that lots of times, even I am surprised at the direction the blog goes on its own.  I am also surprised at how many, comas I use daily.  I think I am need of an intervention for this!  Forgetting many of the rules from school, or possibly just being out sick the day we talked about commas.  I will say that this weeks rant came from a friends grumbling.   I hope that any reader will share there grumbling.  Of the world in general, or you general dislike to something or everything I have posted.  I get very few comments on my blog, and this makes me grumble.  My stats show you readers are out there--you just are staying very quiet.   If you do not hold your anger until you can meet and or punch me in public, this is all fine.  My stats also show that I am VERY close to hitting 7500 blog views!   And for this I thank each of you!!

This is my picture, in case you feel the urge to talk to me in public about my "writing"

    And now some rambling.     On this very date 35 years ago, the Star Wars Movies were introduced.  And geeks all over the world never really stopped rejoicing!  I will now claim a little bit of geekdom both for knowing this fact and for now saying "Let the fourth be with you!"  Feel free to groan now.   Yesterday marks the first cell phone brought to us in the early 70's.  I do not have a picture of one, but you all can recall those huge bricks, with a large attenea, that probably weighed more than the laptop you are using today.   I believe they came in white or white!  And could easily double as a hand weight for exercising.  BUT these phones were the thing than, and you were not kool and or really part of the working force, if you did not lug one around with you.  They as I might have mentioned were huge, and could only be used for, get this, making phone calls!  And maybe the occasional substiotion if you lost your work desk paperweight.   Other "news" today--- Today is national OJ day.  Not in the white Bronco driving, police evading,possible  killer, but the drink.  So Cheers! while you sip on your OJ, I am enjoying a great cup of not OJ.   Also known as coffee!! 


   Today is also National become a follower of a new blog day---wow that's a mouth full!  Since you are on this page--what better place to start the trend, and than tell your friends?  OK, I made this one up, don't try to Google it, but do think about following my blog ;)
     Today does start frapiciono happy hours at Starbucks.  I hope they bring back the green tea frap.  It looks much like slime, but tastes soooo good!   May is also bbq month, so get out there and bbq some food for mothers day instead of taking her out to eat. 
      I am very excited to relate that I will soon be a legal driver again!   This has not been true for about eight years now.  This process took a lot of cash, but is about to come to a crash, errr come to a head.   Next week I shell out some more cash, and venture to the DMV to take the written and the dreaded driving test.  I have to say I am more than a little worried.  I have not takin the driving test since I was 16 years old.   And I flunked the first time around.  Something about almost getting hit in a six way intersection.  I am such a good driver, that the Oregon state patrol decided to take and keep my licence on file, so they would have it handy the next 30 times they pulled me over.   I believe it will all go fine, as long as I do not have to drive through what I call a "circle jerk!"   Those "trendy" round-abouts that are popping up all over every big, trendy city out there.   I do not believe anyone in America actually understands these.  And my last dealing with the police in Washington involved a two lane "circle jerk" were the other driver and I got confused and just decided to drive into each other.  It was great fun for me because I did not have a licence when this happened.  Have you not been reading the same blog?   It was fun for my friend, just along for the ride, because I left him with the car, as I went to find the vehicles paperwork.  This is about when the other driver decided I was not coming back, and called the police.  It became fun for my now, wife, who was at work nearby.   She followed me back to the accident, and we both kissed butt to the growing crowd, and found paper work.  In the end I got a stack of tickets, and my buddy drove the car away.  The main problem being, with practicing driving before the DMV test--is that I do not have a licence, and can not legally practice.  I could ride my bike around and around the "circle jerk."  The odds of driving through one during the test are high.  They have multiplied in amount found around town in even the year I have been gone. 
    This is were my "mini rant" could start.   And may next week!   The DMV is possibly the worse place to visit around.  Especially in Oregon and Washington were you can not do things like register your vehicle or buy new licence plates.  That is a separate building completely.  But today the state paid workers were actually amazingly helpful!  I did not have to raise my voice once, and the waiting time was amazingly quick.  Although I did not leave today with an actual drivers licence.   I hope you all keep me in your thoughts, as I hope to be a driver again by next week!  Both for those of you that want rides from me.  And those of you that will soon have to be sharing the roads and or sidewalks with me! 

                                                        And now the Actual mini rant!

   As I said, this one came from talking to a friend of mine.  And I never really asked if I could vent on this topic, but why would that stop me?   I do know he reads my almost daily rambling, so I will soon know if this bugs him or if I vented about the topic properly.   It kind of sorta goes with the recent riots in Seattle---needless property destruction.   Breaking windows of big business does not hurt the CEO's paycheck in the least.  It hurts the little guys that run the now damaged stores, that now have to replace all the windows. 
    Today I am talking about taggers.  Not people that tag themselves in pictures on Facebook.  Although that too can be annoying.  Mostly when they tag themselves in a picture of yours that has no people in it, what-so-ever.   But taggers armed with spray paint.  You see the "art" every were.   And most of it is far from pleasing to the eye.  I say most, because some really is amazing art.  I watched a documentary on Netflix a few months ago about  street artists.  Most of these spend nights putting up there own art--posters, etc.  And much of it really is art.  In fact people with way to much money lining there pockets, will line up to pay huge bucks for the art in framed form.  Something they could venture into an alley, take a picture of, and have for free.   It is amazing what many people would rather have than money!   Much of this is amusing and pleasing to the eye.  Although it is illegal, they are not trying to vandalize.   Spray paint is just vandalism in almost any case.  
   I recently had a small town tagger try to explain how worthy what he was doing really was.  Try is the key word here.   He mainly focused on how kool it was to have YOUR phat tag on a building or object.  With your tag on top of the pile of paint, you "owned" that spot!    But come on---everyone knows this man does not own Costco!!  
     I guess what bugs me most is because of spray paint taggers and those that choose to huff the paint, I now have to be carded at places like Wally World if I wish to buy spray paint.   It is actually amazing how many items these type of stores now have to verify your age before you can buy.  Wally World now has to card everyone buying booze--no matter how old they are.  All in an effort to never get in trouble or blamed for anything.   
     Possibly more annoying is the trend I have recently noticed, mostly because my friend brought it up.   Taggers that use Sharpie markers to write on things.   If you can't afford spray paint, or are not old enough to buy it, find a new hobby to make you look bad-ass now!   Because using a marker to  write on things is something our kids out grew on there 4th birthday.   You are the farthest thing from kool I can think of.  And I want to "grade" your artwork with a red marker.   This puts you a step above the restroom art---filled with rhymes involving farts and body parts.  And your ex's phone number.   Although these do amuse me when I am forced to sit in a public restroom.   Reading them and than trying to figure out how to get out of the stall, without touching anything.   And than rushing to buy disinfectant and bleach!   If the last paragraph describes you, please stop!   Before I find a need to buy a 24 pack of red markers to grade your drawings and some spray paint, so that if I catch you with a sharpie, I will spray paint a target on the back of your t-shirt or wife-beater. 

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