Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Not A Creature Was Sturring.

     **"I love the trappings of Christmas as much as anyone; but the truths of Christmas trump the trappings of Christmas, and too many people get trapped in the trappings and forget the truth"**--David Jeremiah

     Annoy more friends by sharing this on the 30th of December   with a count down till next Christmas!      Have you been tracking Santa on his amazing ride?  I have.


                                      **"Life is short    Play with your dog!"**  ;)

   I keep talking this year about how amazingly hard it is for me to get into the Christmas spirit this year.  Maybe it is from all of the in-law crap, that never seems to stop.  *For better or for worse.*  Or maybe it is the super warm temps of the desert.  Although I did spot snow at the tops of many of the hills surrounding Sierra Vista just a few days back.  Maybe it is how super bratty our kids have been acting this year.   Or my wife's failing health over the last few weeks.  But here it is Christmas Eve  one of the single most fun nights of the year, and I have still not found my full season spirit.   With my wife in the hospital as her Christmas present this year, I have to extra suck it up for the kiddos- to make it the magically and holy night it truly should be.  I have been reading blog posts past about my Christmas past, they vary SO much from year to year!   My next post will be a little more cheery and run down the best of the past with those I love.  Complete with our traditions carried on each year.  

Because it's been a year now since we all died in 2012!

 But now to recap--on why much of my spirits just are not so bright this year.  Complete with some of my Facebook posts in the last week.  

   **Dear friends and family--April Adams is going through a VERY ruff time health wise right now. We do have family pictures for many of you ---and presents, but we are focusing on the kids and getting April better at this point. Please know that your greetings will be late from us--but they are still heartfelt. We hope that you all have an amazing Christmas and new year. And please keep us in your prayers.**        So much of a hard time that we soon found it best for her to quit her full time job.   For the first time in years, our work over the last few months, allowed for a very nice amount of presents under the real tree. 

      This takes us to last night.....
  **Such a long night. Took April into the local hospital at ten last night. They have been running tests all night next another cat scan than they are sending her by ambulance to a Tucson hospital.**

    Her heartburn became so bad that we took her to the local hospital for what we thought was going to be a quick-ish visit.   At about 4 AM ---I gave up and returned home to relieve our baby sitter.  Some time around 8 AM she went by ambulance to Tucson.   Her body is all out of whack---apparently with everything else she has diabetes and it has not been treated.  Although it is so much better that they discovered things last night, she will not be home for Christmas morning.  But it is much better than if her body would have "crashed" at our home Christmas morning. 

    My post a few hours back....

  **Just came back from the hospital. No chance with everything going on at our house right now--I hate to say this, but it's official---I talked to Santa and it will be the first year EVER all three of our kiddos have made the naughty list. They are close every year--but always turn things around. Not this year, and word is Santa is leaving coal and letters to our kiddos. Click on "like" if you support our parenting on this.

     Although this really pains me---it really does---We have both decided that it just might be the only way to fix all of the negative -self centered---non season like behavior the kids have been showing all year long.   You know you want to read the letters Santa is leaving in there stockings under the coal   Right??

                                                                   Sure you do!! 

  **I must quickly add here that this is the letter to our youngest.  At the great age of 9 for about another month.   He was actually closer to the nice side, and was receiving a filled stocking-until this afternoon.   I was preparing us for going the 40 miles to Tucson to visit there mom at the hospital, and found our youngest and his sister, in the back yard lighting things on fire!  **

    Dear Youngest,

    I have checked my list---twice and regret to have learned that you are on my naughty list for the first time ever!   You were right on the good/naughty boarder line--until my elves at your mommy's hospital told me about your fire today.  Everyone is naughty sometimes, even your parents and me!  But when things like hitting, disrespect, not listening, and not doing your chores becomes the normal, I have to shake my head and than add you to the naughty list.   I wanted to keep the mess down for you and me, and did not put coal in your stocking.  BUT do not fear I am always watching--and you can turn things around faster than a flea can jump off of Blitzen's butt!  YOU now have 364 days to make sure you are once again filed on the NICE Christmas list next year. 


This does not apply on Christmas morning if you have kids. 
Were you can shop for me next year!
The only person that likes cookies more than Santa!!

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