Saturday, December 28, 2013

Time & Space To Think.

     **Another blog first posted in my newest Exploring page--- with 30+ posts.   Please check them all out and share the links!! **

      Hello and welcome back readers!   I want to thank you all for helping make this sight great and getting the word out to other Arizona Explorers, residents, and people that simply wish they were lucky enough to call this fine state home.  I have MANY new posts, ideas, Exploring, and pictures to share just please be patient with me.   With three kiddos and all of the other aspects of having an amazing family---life gets in the way a lot, and of course family always takes top priority. 

   On the Friday before Christmas I was letting to many things in life get me down.  And noticed that I was in way to of a Scrooge mood for it being that close to such a holiday.   The day before I snuck of with Butch and did some deep thinking in the local cemetery.   I needed to venture out on a long hike by myself and get lost.   Explore and ponder while looking for my moment of Zen or a Vortex.   I don't know if anyone in reader land has read about Vortex's  but I have studied them in great depth.  Or tried to---the concept seems to be so deep that it is past my understanding.  A lot of the areas seem to be around Sedona-- while roaming the painted rocks.   To  make it even more interesting -a Vortex can move, and is experienced differently by everyone that finds it.  Depending greatly on the state of mind they are in when they enter it, or how dehydrated they are.   I finally watched a You Tube video awhile back that explained the concept to me some what.  And I think for the most part-it is a spot were you find yourself, and become at peace with everything.     On this day I did not find a Vortex but did find a place to sit way up on a hill and just be calm and peaceful.  And eventually I found myself in a much better state of mind and mood. 

   On this day I took off to the dead end on Fourth Street.   I have been here before with all of the kiddos.   Feel free to check out that blog post at:

                                                     But this Exploring took me under the freeway and beyond. 

   I soon found some cow trails that helped me roam through the open desert.  The trails also kept me away from the few near by houses.   Mostly because in a lot of the places I Explore I am not positive if I am trespassing or not. 

              As in most of my trips---I was surrounded by varied desert life and rolling hills and mountains. 


And I always try to picture different types of plants in each blog post.



On this day it could not decide if it was going to be cloudy or full out sunny.
The above peak is much taller, but the top was gone from view. 
I took a long pause on one of the hills.
Enjoying the view and the quiet.
Watching all of the traffic sped past on I-10 was also calming, as I realized I had all the time in the World that day
with no real place to be. 
Being a Wyoming native---I often reflect on the long journey that brought me to loving life in the desert. 
We have lived in the desert before--and hated it, but it was not good parts of the state for sure. 
Coming down from the thinkin' hill I found these deer bones.
A sure reminder that others have ventured here even if they might have been four legged creatures. 
I love being able to hike and not see anyone.  But on the same note - if something did happen to me-it could be awhile before I ran into any help. 
At one point I found piles and piles of old phone pole insulators. 
 The clouds were still deciding what they were doing.
Any guesses were I was Exploring next?  

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