Monday, November 25, 2013

I Can Already Smell The Fozen Turkey!

   With my "work schedule" being all over the board -it is almost like every day is a Monday.  It is also almost like I am semi retired again, on slow weeks.   At any rate we survive on large amounts of coffee any day of the week!

   Turkey day is so close---I can smell the food already, even though it is still all frozen.  Extra frozen because it is in our outside freezer-and even for being in the desert we woke up to frozen windshields this AM.  This makes me recall my days working in the frozen coolers at work.  You don't know how satisfying it is to work by yourself in these coolers, away from the shoppers and co-workers.  It is even more satisfying to throw frozen food.  Try it some time!  Priceless is the day I was loudly cussing out some co worker-or maybe I had thrown to large a pile of frozen food at my foot-either way I was in a large freezer and thought I was cut off from the World-Wally World anyway.   My manager jumped into the freezer and announced that the walls were defiantly not sound proof!  I believe the most annoying part of this work, was that I had issues with closing the doors all the way.  I know there are safety's on all the locker doors, but I enjoy being able to see my exit, and to be able to see anyone getting ready to jump into the freezer.  Plus the light switches are always outside the freezers.   BUT Wally World is so huge a company and so much your Big Brother, that allowing the door to be open, raises the freezer temperatures.   And sends off alarms at the stores home office.   Soon after--another manager, or three, they like to travel in packs, is jumping into the freezer.   Yelling about the door being wide open.    Because my wife is working -we are delaying our Turkey day until this Saturday-giving me more days to pretend I can smell the cooked food, and to lick the frozen turkey.   I have to say we are amazingly blessed this year and hope that you all can say the same!   
     Anyways if you work at any retail box store --you might also be working on Turkey day this year.   I enjoyed working any holiday when I was a server-because sympathy tips rock!   In retail you just deal with all of the crazies- for the same amount of cash as any other day.  It does help to picture the masses as zombies though and to try and avoid them at all costs!   I just read an article that basically says, if you shop on Turkey Day, you are a huge part of the problem.   Stores reflect what there shoppers want.  So talking about the poor workers that have to wear riot gear that entire weekend, does no good -if you join the masses of crazed, zombie-ish shoppers.   In retrospect- for all the crap I talk about retail, it was one of the easiest jobs ever.   The people that have the right to complain are the military that can't clock out, and go see there family.   Defiantly not some retail worker, that has a job, and can celebrate after his shift that day, or that black weekend.   Those stores and sales exist because of two things.   They thrive on selling cheap disposable crap to a disposable nation.  And -- because of you!   Just sayin'
       At the moment we have 4 bank accounts. Is great because this means we will soon be fully out of the super crappy Bank o America!   It's a bad thing, because none of our accounts have million$ in them.  We can not stand Bank of America.  I do not have enough space or time to list all of the reasons we hate the bank, and that's just from this week.   But we have many of our payments set up on auto withdrawal- so it has been easiest to just keep the dreaded account.   Plus it is not as big of an annoyance to the bank if you take out your whole account balance, making a huge deal about how you have been dreaming about the day you will finally empty the account--when you have $10.00 in your account.   But we are finally very close to closing the evil account!!

      **"So I dam near almost hit a fox on the way home today---and all I could think of, after the initial shock went away --was that stupid song-- and what the fox would say as it was getting ran over!"**----

     Those of you without kids, or that actually have taste might not have ever heard this terrible song.   In an attempt to get this song out of my head, and stuck in yours-you should go to You Tube and look up "What does the fox say."  It will defiantly get all of the Christmas songs out of your head!   I was courteous enough to not include the link to the song, at the top of this blog post.   Key word there is  this--I might include it in a post very soon.  

 Might make your Christmas shopping a little easier for you.
For extra points --try doing all of your black Friday shopping while wearing a
Snuggie or straight jacket.

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