Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Page-Is A Page!

  Even though the great monsoon season is over here in the desert--- it does not mean the rain is over.  We cut our Exploring short on Sunday afternoon when these clouds started to move in.   It did not rain that day-but I got a chance to snap some kool cloud pictures.  These clouds just look angry!   And I almost had enough time out, to wear out our new dog and the two boys.   Benson, Arizona residents---any guesses where we were out Exploring this fine day??   Here is one more picture to help you guess.  

              I will post the answer in my next Exploring Arizona blog page!   You can guess right now---on  MY Facebook page.   Please scroll to the bottom of this very post for the links.  

                                                              Butch asks:  "Were are you Exploring today???"
I am    Taking all three kiddos to the dentist this afternoon----so we might need a calming local trail adventure after that "fun!"

      My wife has put a lot of time and effort into our--mostly her--latest project.   If you live in the wonderful Benson area-please check it out!!   We have started a take a book, leave a book program.  As a way to give back to such an amazing community.   And because books are very important.   We have 300+ books to start and have just up-graded to some amazing-donated book shelves.    Please help us spread the word   and check out the Facebook page also!   https://www.facebook.com/booktradein?fref=ts


   We have music books too!    You can also request books or authores that you love.   And we will do our best to find them.   For the location and more info  Please check out the above page link!

Today's daily coffee plugs   while I sip magical coffee!

Me in deep thought   after to much coffee!

                                                                           Speaking of deep thought---minus the deep.
                                                                     Be sure and list everything that offends you--so that I
                                                          can find more similar posts.

                                                                      Above is this pages new mission statement.

Sounds like a normal Saturday night here.


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