Monday, November 4, 2013

November Is For Eating!

Entire painted wall I found while roaming/working in Sierra Vista last week. 
I made good money and love setting my own hours for sure--but ended up in the town 4 times last week.  To much driving!
                        I also found this in S Vista.   Behind the Sonic off Fry Street-- while I was lost. 
    And yes this shake is high!   He is not just saying hello.  Two quick notes on this--- First my wife and I recently ate at a Sonic in Tucson, and I found it way to expensive for the crummy food.  The main highlight of the visit, was feeding the many pigeons in the outside eating area.   And of course filling our tummy's!  And B--- our GPS has issues with this town in general--mainly finding it fun to get us lost, but only in S Vista.  I don't know if there are to many radars and such coming of the Army base and airport or what.  Our GPS also has a speech impediment of sorts.   Anyway, every time we are to take Fry Street---it sounds like the GPS is calling it Ferry Street.  As many times I might be the only one finding this error and the above picture amusing.  But as long as I am happy--right!?
I hope to have some good Exploring posts from Sierra Vista up soon!   My newest page has 22 posts now and 700 views!   As you may or may not of read a few posts back, when I finally did have time to hike in the area---I lost our camera.   But we have a new one now---so new pictures and posts are in the works!   I would show you a picture here, of our new camera  but that is an amazingly hard shot to get.  I can say that it is pink.  Very pink.   But it does bring out my eyes!   My wife loves it, because it was cheap---so she knows that when I finally break down and get a betterer more hi-tech version, she will get the purdy pink one. 


                                                                        I believe it's more PC to say they are
                                                                         "vertically challenged."   ;)

                                                               My wife, and most of the females I sent this to  say----

Today's daily coffee plug!
Speaking of beverages......

I always enjoy a helpful sign!
  Speaking of beverages I enjoy a brew or two --rarely. 
I used to crave booze much more--
But having two full fledged alcholics living with us ---was a great impulse for me to stick with
the all essential caffeine products!
Seeing all of the beer cans--every were
and how all important getting the booze was to them--even if they could not pay any bills or even buy gas was also a factor. 
It also of course affected there motivation--- work--Y work--there is beer to be drank and it is hot in the dam desert!
And of course if they went to harder alchol, it was time to git away from them. 
All of this makes it even rarer for me to want a drink even a few, let alone drink like a fish.
Although ALL of the beer cans were nice to take into recycling!
That said---I love Fat Tire beer
It is not a cheap brew--so it doesn't make it into our house very often.
Now the brewers have there winter brew out--Accumulation 
and I keep hearing how great it is.  
Any thoughts from Y'all on the taste--on any of this--- and or on peer pressure?
Raise your hand if you really do not have to ever play stupid...
If you have not read any of my past posts about DURPS     Maybe you should now.
My list of them grows every week.
And if you do not find my DURP story's or descriptions funny
you very well may be a DURP!  
We have been battling for almost 3 months now to get paid for a months worth of baby sitting my wife did.
It has mostly been an up hill battle for us.
But a few weeks back--we thought we could finally see the pay day near the finish line.
Thought is the key word here.
We were taking the deadbeats to court---and to stop this they hired a lawyer from the Army base.
On the first day they were supposed to pay us, the family forgot to bring there checkbook
the next day-- they paid us with a check that was post dated. 
We did not notice this when we deposited it, and the bank has now put a hold on the check and than decided to charge us because the dead beats did not actually have cash in there account. 
Please note--this is the same family I wrote about a few months back---who's big un wife cussed me out, punched me and than called the police on us.  
All of this into factor---the day the check bounced and was put back on hold, I attempted to call the army lawyer.
She was not available and no one in the building could help me.
Typical Govt workers right? 
Although the secretary could not help me--she was fine with putting me and my character down.
Which resulted in a lot of yelling from me. 
Today the army lawyer returned to work--and called me back
It did not go well for her---but this is were the following status from my Facebook page came from. 
**apparently it is not to early for arguing with jerks! Mental note: If a call comes up *restricted* don't answer. 2nd note: Have a contract for everything! 2 months later we are still not paid for services due. But if you work on th...e Army base--you can cheat people! But don't yell at the workers on the base, because ripping off people is fine, but using freedom of speech is not. Whatever the case-I had a great conversation with the local army lawyer who didn't give a rats a@@ that her client was still a deadbeat--but that I had yelled at her paralegal. Cliff notes---I just want our $ and no one involved wishes to talk to me again --so half of the problem is solved!  **


Just sayin'
Get out there and make your mark!
I hope you enjoy my Exploring and pictures even half as much as I enjoy posting and Exploring!
As I said above---with the new camera I am working on many new posts. 
Here are a couple of pictures while roaming around Benson, Arizona  I thought were
But what do I know??
                                              One really nice part about this area--and now having two dogs to wear out, is that you can travel a very short distance and have many choices of places to check out---that are open desert.   A blog post on this coming soon!


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