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More Sunsets & Exploring Benson, Arizona

       Hello readers!   As I sit here this very early morning, enjoying some of my last posts-and large amounts of coffee-I have noticed that I forgot to "super star" any local business in my last post!   So I will chose a couple to showcase in today's post.   Places that have always given amazing service-each time that I or my family visits.  Good service seems to be so rare, I wish to spot light it, when I see it.  None of these business have paid me, or probably even know I have picked them.   But I truly thank each great shop that makes this area even better, and that keeps me from wanting to do all of my shopping in Tucson this holiday season!  This is also a very new blog page---so please help me spread the word  by passing on this link to everyone that may enjoy it.   I usually also have a picture or two of the business---but today I am slacking in that department. 

     **First up is Benson Fuel!**     Just off of Fourth Street-you can not miss it.  Super friendly service every time--good coffee---most reasonable gas prices in town.  They now also take EBT food cards, for those of you that care.   Honestly for me I think the main draw is that they are the only place in town with fountain Cherry Pepsi.   If they also had crushed ice I would be a life long groupie of the store.   O! And they have clean restrooms.   Parking is a little tight- and the walls are covered with signs for the customers.   The signs are fine, I just realize it is a waste of space, because no customer actually reads any of these.  Maybe they could replace these with old pictures of this great town, or local landscape pictures of mine ;)  

             Today's blog post has no real theme.   In past posts I have shown some neat sunset pictures.  And while roaming around town last Friday evening and Saturday I thought I captured some good shots.   I hope you feel the same way about them.   Just past Benson Fuel is the old Benson Motel.  It is no longer open for business, but the lot keeps drawing me there.  And on this evening it allowed for a great backdrop. 


                     Artwork lines many of the outside walls.  If only the walls of this place could talk!


                                                                         The old pool area.

Arizona sunsets can quickly become amazing.
And seem to be a different show each evening.
Add in desert plants and landscapes and maybe some smoke from a nearby fire
and the results merit a standing ovation! 
Please check out my past local sunset pictures also in past blogs. The links are just below.
If nothing else they are very calming. 

           Across the street from all of this is the ice cream shop.  Also known as the Old Benson Ice Cream Shop.  Beyond enjoying great quick service and of course the ice cream---many a night you can enjoy a mini old car show in the parking lot.   Lots of flavors of ice cream and ice cream related treat at mild prices.  Although I was disappointed that the bubble gum flavor, did not have bits o actual bubble gum in it.  The train tracks being so close also gives a great "show" or go through the convenient drive through and enjoy your treats at the near by Lions Club city park.  

              Just past all of this fun-is our last plug for today.   Cowboy Way!   One of the few local retail tourist traps that seems to be open regular hours.  Everything from purses to cowboy poetry.  Helpful staff, that still lets you just browse.   And they just had a ladies night out event---so kudos to any business that has events for our wives.  Although I am sure most of the event involved shopping this store.  

          Saturday the sun returned in full force and in the afternoon I was off to take some more pictures.  I have lived in Oregon and Washington for many years--and although I love a good storm, I will take full on sunshine over gloomy-gus clouds any day.   I also grew up in Wyoming, were my parents now live.  So I daily remind my friends and family in Wyoming, and beyond about the warm temperatures here.   On this day I took off from our house on foot, on two missions.   First was to get some fall colors.  There is a grassy-super inviting spot just past these bridges with several huge trees in it.   One tree has fully turned to show it's true fall glory!

          My other mission was to snap a picture with a train engine on the bridge.   This turned out much harder than I had imagined.  And these are my attempts so far.  Luckily this spot is close to the house and a train goes by every about 15 minutes so that I can attempt again on another day soon, and maybe get the shot much more centered.   There is also a good place to sit while waiting for the next train.  This also allows one to be somewhat out of view while standing by the road holding a camera. 


         This is not a great shot, but I really did not want this gentleman knowing I was taking the picture.  I see him all over town, and have had many interesting conversations with him.   I now know not to inquire how he gets his white clothes so white!   Now he seems to be in his winter black collection.   I am adding this picture to see if anyone local can share more information on him---inquiring minds want to know.   And in hopes that none of you share to him that I took this picture.   Thanks in advance. 

                                                                    Were are you Exploring today??
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                   I have spent a lot of time driving on I-5 in my past.    Now I seem to find myself on or just off of I-10 a good deal.   In time my roaming will take us across the entire state.  I had hoped to surprise the kiddos this weekend in Tucson.  It seems the Foothills Mall is bringing in 30 tons of snow, and having Santa make an appearance.   And we were going to make a quick trip to the morning event.  But reports show that the roads will be a huge mess--making a quick pop in, rush out trip very hard.   For starters  the big game is also Saturday.   And there is a huge bicycle race criss-crossing the town also.   So we are not attending the desert snow ball fight.   It starts at 10:00 if any of you readers live closer to the fun. 


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