Friday, November 22, 2013

...But First, Coffee

           It has been cloudy and rainy and windy here since last night.  And the temperatures have dipped clean down into the 50's.   I have friends and family across the country, but many in Wyoming--so I do enjoy telling how nice it is here in the desert.   Two days back it was 75 outside here, and I enjoyed a nice Exploring hike.  The weather right now is pretty much what you see all winter in Oregon and Washington.  I believe it being over cast and gloomy almost every day was far worse than the rain.  If it is going to be crummy it might as well dump rain too.  The constant clouds mess with your head and make you gloomy, and than when the sun does make an appearance, it is a huge shocker!   And everyone runs around squinting, asking people they pass--what that bright light in the sky is called. 

  I usually push hikes and any kind of Exploring lately.  Beyond being healthy I find each one amazingly calming and a great way to wear out the kiddos and dogs.  Plus I can get some great pictures-and get to get out --away from Facebook and enjoy the temperatures of the desert.   I have so many places to Explore-and each will make it into my newest blog page of course.  That said, after living in the Great North West for so long, and being soaked to the phone on many a hike, or attempt to get my mail.   I really am not motivated to go on any type of hike when it is a blustery and or gloomy day.   Be advised these type of daze require even more coffee consumption for me, and can easily result in multiple blog posts!

                                                                             Is this helpful or not??
                                                                        Either way it made me laugh.

   Those of you that have not watched Sesame Street in awhile-might not have noticed that Cookie Monster now eats way less cookies.   Someone decided that his un-healthy addiction was making our kids fatter.   And he now eats lots of fruits and veggies.   I have talked about how ridiculous this is before.   But now ponder why the C can't stand for coffee!

     We often try and figure out what the new huge toy is going to be --so that we can stock pile them and mark up the prices for frantic parents just before Christmas.   We never are very good at predicting.  But I think it is safe to say the above is not going to be a huge seller.
With the weekend coming up   I offer this....

It's a real nail bitter!
 Just the other day I rambled again about jogging-and the joys of just staying at home and enjoying a beer over jogging!  After that random rambling I found the above thoughts. 

Now that's one big bird!!
     A few weeks back I had a huge brain fart and lost our camera.   Not a huge loss-in the terms that the camera -not me, so much, took crummy pictures for the most part.  But since a huge part of what "I do" is taking pictures, I was at a loss.   I quickly found the camera we are using now.  And I must say, and have heard from others, that the pictures come out MUCH betterer!  Almost two years ago--wow--I had a discussion with one of my bosses about picture taking.   She wondered with the advancement of super cameras -if it was really the camera or the picture taker that was amazing.  And if one really could take a bad picture.   Yes there are some amazing camera's out there-if you have enough cash.   I recently borrowed one that was worth more than our pickup.   One of the lenses was worth more than our pickup.  And after I mostly got over being afraid to touch the thing --got some super amazing pictures.   Honestly the camera did most of the work-point-shoot--amazing picture.   But with out having the I--even with the best camera, your pictures will never be great.   Real photographers--and I am far from calling myself one, have a different view of people and things.   They can scan a country side, and know what will look amazing in full size.   My grandmother had a state of the art camera in it's day.   A top of the line Polaroid--"shake it like a  Polaroid picture!"  And she loved taking pictures.   But as much as she attempted, she could not pull off a good shot -for anything.   If we all stood perfectly still, fake smiles fading after the first 30 minutes of pictures.   Ten  of the 80 shots would actually have people-us--in them.   The rest would be of the sky, an ant hill, the Lockness Monster, or even the Eiffel Tower!   A real feat, since we lived in Wyoming.   Of the ten---three would be in focus.   I am in no way making fun of this wonderful woman---but stating that a huge percent of good pictures, is due to the camera.  But defiantly not all of it.   

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