Thursday, November 7, 2013

Who Is Watching Over Us

                                I have been talking and dealing with DURPS a LOT in the past few weeks.

                            I also have to much free time at the moment --by far!   I was recently roaming around the Rants & Raves section of Craig's List for the Sierra Vista area, which includes Benson Arizona in the radius,  and saw this post.  

                                                                           **Please note I did not write this!!**

   I just have many friends and readers that live in the Benson area  AND have had to deal with the described man and his charming wife on many an occasion.   Minus the charming of course.   And thought I should share the thoughts before they got lost in cyber space!  This has been "cut and Paste" and placed in my personal blog for your enjoyment and to hopefully get some insight on your thoughts.  I would put this in my local blog also, but I try to keep it light and Exploring filled.   Enjoy:

            It has come to my attention that the City Leader of Benson, Arizona, Jim Cox,  --houses a known and convicted ex con and employes this same con, from there home.   This is not that alarming at all because everyone deserves a second chance in life.   But the city leader does not trust the ex con enough to allow him to sleep in there residence--he makes sure the ex con sleeps in the back yard in a tent.   Even closer to the unaware citizens living on Mcneil Street.  But wait there is more!   This same city leader lets the ex con drive his personal vehicles --knowing fully well that the ex con has no drivers license   and is often drunk driving --let loose in the city leaders own vehicle, on the same streets your very kids play.  If these are the kinds of things the city leader approves and supports in his personal life, what do you think he will approve and support for our great city?   Maybe some more people should be checking into what Jim Cox is really all about. 

    The link      for anyone that cares.

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