Friday, November 1, 2013

Monster Mash--Halloween 2013 Or Welcome To November!?

            Above is a link to the classic Monster Mash song with what could be an enjoyable video for you.  Above the very happy cat picture that is.  We spent a very nice--if not chilly evening roaming the streets of Benson, Arizona.  And yes it does get chilly-ish in the land of the sweating sun!  Something they do not tell you about in the travel pamplets.  This area has lots to offer on any holiday or given weekend--so the kiddos did not go bored, at least for long.  I believe the scariest part this year was that we let our oldest --he is now 13, roam the town on his own all night.  I did some spying on him from afar, and attempted to scare him, but wasn't stealth enough for that one--and had to relay on the old stand by and scare the younger two.  The oldest -although he might be called a hoodlum by some, OK by his parents-- did not come home in a police car, and was home before 10--so we mark that down as a success!   Benson is great for candy filled buckets--although a lot of houses did not have there lights on.   Lots of decorations and spirit were found near the Fire Dept though!   Including a party at the fire house.   Luckily for all it was not a house warming party! ;) Several houses had there lights on--but had no candy--and I must say they were just asking for a huge trick.   In one part of town, they were so happy to get us as trick or treaters   --that the gave out 5 handfuls of candy to the happy kiddos. 

**Had to go to Wally World yesterday---and was amazed that I could not tell if a lot of shoppers were in costume or wearing regular clothes!**
                 Easily the 2nd scariest part of the night---was before going trick or treating.  But going to Wally World is always an adventure.   

                                   Not sure about this sales pitch --but I think I like the message it sends across. 

                                                                        Now that's funny right there!
                                                                        I don't care who you are. 


                                                                 Voted scariest costume --Hands down!!

This is Steven King for those of you that did not get the memo.

              Now there is a holiday!!  It isn't hardly fair that the kiddos should be the only ones starting there day on a huge sugar rush.  My wife and I lock ourselves in our room with all of the candy--"searching" for tampered or poisoned candy.   Sometimes the only way to know for sure if the candy is OK is to taste test it!   We take out the items that they are not allowed to have---like gum, for sure.   We find gum everywhere--except in our kids mouths.  And with two dogs now, the last thing we want is for the dogs to find gum, and have a bubble blowing contest--out of there butts!   And we take the best candy---we consider it a handling charge, for walking up and down the streets with the begging kids.   They ended up with almost a pillow full of candy each this year---so they will not miss the 10 or 100 pieces of candy we stashed in our room.    This year we got extra smart and checked the candy while the kids were at school.   Instead of the same night--when they stand outside the door--asking if we are done yet repeatably.   We yell no, and than unwrap another candy bar--for safety's sake.   We are not coming out of the room until every bar is checked and until our sugar rush is even close to theres!  

Of course this was more effective yesterday when it was still Oct.   but the message is still the same.
The Holidaze do fly at us from Oct. 1st on, but chill out.
Breathe ---eat some more candy and relax in the fact that Santa has it all under control!

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