Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Random Rambling & Phoenix Bashing.


         **"Just had a huge plate of bisects and gravy thanks to my wife!      On a side note--when did we become the responsible ones? Each place we move the in-laws come to us for help--and several families with kids -are beyond lost causes. We are going to buy a huge house with land---and take in stray pets. And than we are going to make up a test for the "iffy" local parents. Until they can pass the test, the kiddos have to suffer at our house with all the video games an such ----Maybe it's just all the coffee talkin'---but WTF we have to take a test to drive and shoot and even to work at Wally World.  "**        Some random rambling from a past blog of mine from way back in 2010 when I was still funny.   Please let me know your thoughts on all of this....


Some more "great" kids who's parents may need to take the test.
I think they may of just got clothes from Santa last year
Or they really dislike picture time.
And since everyone has camera's ---it is probably on tape---fair warning.  ;)
As you head back home for the holidaze---keep an eye out for this book. 
Also as you head out to join the masses for the all weekend Black & Blue Friday events please think of this...
And my last loosely holiday related picture for today...
Thank you Wally World!
I would pay money to never have to go to Phoenix again!
And the Kingman area.  
We lived in Kingman in our past for way to many years.  And the town is super bad
along with much of the area around it.
We lovingly referred to Kingman as the Devil's crotch!
Watch were you slide your weenier!
This is how every one in Washington drives as soon as about 2 inches of snow hit the ground.
One year while we lived there we saw 8 inches of snow--and the entire town about shut down.
I grew up in Wyoming---were this is highly laughable.
As are most of the sheep joke.   Because sheep are safe!
I imagine about the same happens here -when it does happen to snow in the desert.
Except it is ice you are battling, after all the pipes burst across town on the snow birds RV's!
We were in Vegas one year when it decided to snow. 
Only a few large flakes of course---but plenty to cause every one to freak out!
I was freaking out also--because well, snow in Viva Las Vegas!!?
I was sure it was the end of the World!
If you are seeing snow or venturing out this crazy shopping weekend----you will need lots of coffee
And than booze!
I might venture out---just to watch the crazy's.
It is betterer than must see TV.

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