Wednesday, November 6, 2013

R Is For Random!

                     Hellooooooooooo!    We start today's action void post with this great picture.  Which just happens to be my picture of the day!   Mainly we start with this, because for some reason Blogger only lets me enlarge the first picture I display on each blog---none of the other ones.   We were out Exploring yesterday afternoon and the boys stumbled across this great old pickup.   And we decided it would make a great photo opp!  Do you think the Ol rig needs a paint job?   Read all about it in my Exploring Arizona post from this morning.   I love working for myself, especially when the money is good.  But all of the free time between jobs is terrible.   Although it allows for some great adventures and for me to post a lot in my blogs!  

                          And the 2nd best picture of the day---a very close runner up in my book......

     This is also in Benson, Arizona.   Soon after moving to the area, I found Coffee Drive on a local map and knew it was near the evil Wally World store.  But I could not find the actual street.  A few weeks back while making a delivery I found the street and felt I needed a picture.   Weeks later when I actually had a camera with me, I got the shot.   Sadly the actual street is very short and boring.  Kind of like myself, although I prefer to be called "vertically challenged" thanks for playing!   But with Christmas just around the corner if anyone named Santa would like to mail me this sign---it would look perfect on our wall!   I can put it just above all the stop signs.   Since I have talked to more than enough police in the last few months--and I am never sure whom is reading my random rambling, I do not have any signs on my walls.   Yet, at least not until the above sign magically appears on my wall. 


                                                                And than they are covered by snow. 

                                           I personally believe someone from California wrote this. 
                                                                But have no proof.   ;)

Especially when I visit the one here.

Or they are heading to Taco Bell!
                                                Kind of a stretch for a joke---but I enjoy dry humor. 

Now that the strike is over--I am sure road repair will be a top priority in every city and town. 
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