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Making A Splash San Pedro--ST David

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          I would like to thank everyone that is making my local train engine bone yard Exploring post so popular!  That post alone has 1200+ views the short time it has been up for reading.  Making it my most read blog posting by far---ever!  Please feel free to help share all the posts on this page --like crazy, until I stop slacking and promote this page much more to greater Tucson and beyond.  I have so many new posts and pictures to put up on this very page----so please keep checking back for updates.   For more Exploring and personal pictures please check out my longest running blog page  ---I update it much more often too----at

      So today is a rare day off work and I thought I would post at least once today.  Which is becoming even more rare than days off of work for me.  ;)   My puppy, Shadow and I are hanging out at the homestead trying to beat the heat, and thinking about all of the chores I should be doing.  I am also trying to monitor the huge forest  fire that is creeping very close to our area---- with the high winds the last few days --it is spreading super fast and hard to contain I am sure.  Stay safe out there ---my readers!   More on this --when I know more.  I have some amazing shots that other people have takin' ---but I try to keep only my pictures on this page.  I am debating trying to sneak well behind the fire line ---and get some after shots later this evening.  I also feel I could get some great sunset pictures in, because of all the smoke and such altering the sky for the better come sun set time.  Of course this will become a post if I decide I have the balls to venture out later.      Today I post about a recent Exploring trip where I had a rare Saturday off and our youngest and puppy went along with me.  

   The river is just a trickle right now---but still water!  And walking and playing in it was very relaxing all day long.  Some places were actually kind of deep.  And we found out that Shadow loves splashing and frolicking the water-to no end.  We followed a run off just to the left of the monastery  on this day after parking at the monastery itself.  You can avoid going through barbed wire fences and such if you just hike through the beautiful grounds--heck there is even a trail right down to the water--but we have done this before.  Besides with sad word of the grounds closing soon, you will have to find new ways to Explore this area.  Look!  We found one for you right here!  ;)   Always here to help.    I have several Exploring posts on this very page from the amazing monastery also that you should feel free to check out. 

Watch out for low branches!

Lots of creatures to Explore
Like these tadpoles  
and lots of minnows were darting about. 
We even found a few frogs

     The water path was mostly shallow and thin but it roams across the country side so much, we soon found it easier to just walk in the cool water instead of trying to jump over time and time again.   

      As I said Shadow loved the water and would not stray far from it.  At one point -when we were not watching she found a huge cow pie to roll around in.  And we soon found a deeper section of river and dunked/washed her clean.  

     I might have got to many water pictures, but again any time we find water in Arizona, I get lots of pictures and very excited.  We lived in Washington for many years, and it is hard to get a good picture without water in the pictures.   While roaming some extra wide areas it was kind of amazing to think how all of the area would be under water when the stream was really going.  

Caterpillar cacoons every where!

Several miles in to the hike I ventured up the dirt banks to see what I could see.
I found several very nice homes surrounded by this perfectly maintained set of soccer fields. 
With amazingly green grass galore. 
Complete with goal posts and all.
Strange for being in the middle of no where. 

Just to the right of the soccer fields. 
Literally feet away.

We easily went at least three miles on this day.
You can just spot the fake flowers at the top of this dirt ridge.
The property owners up there also had several fake flamingos on display

A dirt road soon passed through the water bed 
and we followed it out to eventually find civilization.

I have already pictured this tree a ton  but think it is beyond kool!

I will have to look up the name of this road but we found it an quick and easy route back.  But it landed us across from the cemetery in ST David. 
Close to our house but not real close to were the car was parked.  
I sent our son across the street and home with the puppy and than hoofed it back to our vehicle using my Lambre-feeties    as my wife likes to call walking feet. 

Sunset from the homestead.

One worn out puppy!

But that was short lived.  

That night it was time for a calming bon fire.

    Next I hope to locate my pictures past from Bisbee.    The big B here shown above an amazing coffee shop down town.  I have climbed to the top of the B   and in doing so realized it is hot in Arizona---always, and that I am out of shape.   

     Until than     as always


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