Saturday, April 15, 2017

Almost 800 Coffee Fueled Posts-Woooooo!

              **Had my three year eval at work tonight. Went pretty good except for the three year part. Deff better than last year's**---This was now about a week ago.  But the eval went very well.  My first year the manger basically kept repeating that I might be a hot head.  Me?!!   We have been working on such issues and bringing problems with other workers to the managers attention first before I rant.   If only these same concepts were as easy at home.  ;)

   **" Cigarettes are like squirrels. They are perfectly harmless until you put on in your mouth and light it on fire!"**---I am assuming this is true.  I have eaten squirrel before--not half bad, but they are tiny so it takes a lot of them to have more than a snack.  I also know first hand that squirrels-if you are dumb enough to catch a live one  by hand, have extremely sharp teeth.  

**"A well balanced diet is just a coffee I'm each hand!"**

                             **" If your phone didn't ring, it's me."**

    **" You're so dumb you sleep with a solar powered night light."**

    **"I realize people are getting dumber---but when you live in the land of the sweating sun, do you really need warning signs at every store--how un safe it is to leave kids in parked cars? I guess it has happened soooo many times, that every store in AZ needs this sign and it is on the nightly news about this time of year. Accidents happen--but this is beyond an accident, into the brain dead parent section. Natural selection really is still very much alive and at work----Just sayin' "**----I have stated this before --but it is almost summer time and in Arizona its pretty much always to hot to leave anyone in the car.  Like seriously how does someone go to all the effort to strap your kiddo in a car seat, listen to them singing or ask questions the whole way to the store, listen to them ask to go potty 22 times, hear them pull the poor dogs tail--who's probably getting left in the car also, and than suddenly forget you have a kid in the car when you get to Wally World in dire need of new makeup??   

           And now a couple stolin' server jokes   because well, I am a server!   

      OK kiddos in reader land    time for another short-ish story that after typed out will probably prove you really had to be there to find the humor.   I have a lot of those---or so my beautiful wife and bored kids say.  ;)     Anyways--if nothing else this is filler that will make me laugh when I re read it.  In the week or so before the casino I work at closed down for over Easter, we got to help clean!    One of the daze Chief Echo and I found the above stick.  It is all metal and very long.   And is said to be for the deep frier's some how.  This is a boring thought line so, being of often bored intentions --often yell "woooooo!" through the restaurant.  If something is crummy and not woooo worthy or mostly sad and or depressing--like a work schedule or customer --we reverse the woooo to a Owwwww!   Hours of fun!   I don't wish to talk about it, just creating back story.   So we soon decided this was actually an antique wooooooo stick.  Several workers thought they might want to know what this was---but were quickly sorry they had asked.   When we both explained that a woooo stick   was in fact this stick, and when you touched someone with the stick in the right way-----   they went "Wooooooooo!' 

This for most  and me sadly is harder than it should be.
I do not know when it happened   because it was a slow process
but I am a lil addicted to my phone.
And with cell towers -every where  you can now usually
be in a place like above and still sit down after enjoying the view and yelling for a bit just to get some aggression out and just to hear the echo-----echo!   You can than sit down, chill out and get online.   
Can you hear me now!!

              Hello all!   It is just after noon and already very hot here in the Arizona. In fact oddly enough it was 12:34 when I started this here blog post.   I know I know----"Welcome to the desert!"   You that are living were it is just thinking about stopping snowing for a few months, and becoming spring  probably love my updates on the full on sun every day here.  And you are thinking you would love it.   That is because you are not living in it.  It is hot   and than hotter and than chilly at night--every day.  Until summer hits and it is 120 in the shade.  ;)   At some point about a month from now ---God even takes pity on the residents that live here, including the devil that has a full 666 acre lot just for sun bathing at.  And the glorious monsoon season kicks in!    I have been getting in some great Exploring over the last few daze of getting paid to not go to work, with all the issues I seem to have at work with other workers, you would of thunk my bosses would have figured out this concept for me years ago.  All the pictures will soon land on this very page and on my Exploring Arizona blog page.  A VERY fine page if I do say so myself!    Filled with Exploring and pictures from across this Amazing state.   Please check out all the posts and share share share them!    While you wait for me to stop sweating enough to post new blogs!

         So a few daze back I got some great pictures while out Exploring---- and I am going to post three of my favorites from this day  now in an order that amuses me ---- and than explain them.     Since my mother and such also read this page, sometimes --when they are super board   I would like to Explain that I was in no real danger at any point during this.   This full Exploring adventure will be in my Exploring blog page very soon.   Maybe even today!

     Anyways, just down the road from were we live there are easily 300 train engines sitting on multiple stretches of tracks.    They have been just sitting there for over a year now.  The other day I snuck around the train police and got a bunch of pictures.   These three happen to be my favorites.   ;)   Especially #2.   Which I have been having a lot of fun with.   I sent it to my boss the other day---and she replied with,    does this mean your calling out tonight?  As I said more pictures and story time in my next Exploring blog post.

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