Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Y' All Home Yet?

            Hello Y'all out there in reader land!    I am sitting here this afternoon in my office of sorts watching the wind blow things all over our yard.  We have a fenced in yard, so instead of blowing the garbage onward, even the garbage that is not ours, it is just blowing it all over our yard.  I am always able to eye many of the projects I should be working on around here.  I have today and tomorrow off work -- and the house is empty  except for some cats that are also blowing around the yard.  It's a strong wind.   I have made quite a long to do list---but so far guzzling coffee is about the only thing I can check off the list.   I just keep wishing I could check off--- welcome my family back home.  My beautiful wife has a ton to deal with right now, but has pretty much kept me in the dark since she left---so I have no time line on there return or anything to go on.  We pretty much stream lined everything with getting the rental and such---so the worrying would be greatly reduced.   But with basically not contact ---I still have loads of time to sit and worry.   Especially on my off work.   When my mind is not mostly cluttered with orders to forget.  I would like to say that pay back is a b*tch when I do finally hit the road---but we both know that I like to talk to her to much to ignore her when I'm on the road.   Whatever!   I am also able to view our vehicle just sitting there   from my office chair.  I hope to remedy that tomorrow and go on an Exploring hike  where I get some new pictures to share.   In between actual getting things done here of course.  At the top of my list   is cleaning out our garage, so the vehicle could be parked in it if needed, bringing down the Christmas lights, and chopping down all the high weeds around our house.   Although I have not seen any snakes yet---I keep reading about them already being out across Tucson because of the hot temperatures.  I do not handle snakes well   at all   and I figure with the weeds chopped down  I have a fighting chance of spotting them before the snakes spot me!     

   Once it gets dark and I am worn out from thinking about doing all these projects---I hope to post on all my pages, especially the Exploring Arizona page.   Please check out past picture filled posts of our trips across amazing Arizona!    http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/

    We have been vehicle hunting for awhile now.   For a second rig.  It is amazingly difficult this time around mainly because tax  refund season is in full force and people are selling vehciles like crazy, but they also think we wish to spend our whole refund on there piece of crap!   We looked at a mini van the other day- that was an 2005 I believe and they wanted $3000 still for it.   I was more intrigued in finding out why they thought it was worth so much---feeling it better have gold bars in the trunk or something for that price.   From the road ---driving by at full speed   it looked pretty decent.   After stopping we soon could tell that it had been in several wrecks.   Any piece I touched inside, came off in my hands.  We are not real picky---with three kiddos and puppies and such, but it was ruff.    The lady showing it said, it had not been in any wrecks, even when we asked about the five different colors of paint on the outside fenders.  At least be honest with us.   At this point --she would have to pay us to take the mess off of her lawn, so I was just having fun with our viewing.   When I started the rig up, the engine sounded like sh*t like if one were to load a bunch of rocks and glass and pillows into your dryer at home.   Just to dry them off a little bit.  A red light instantly came on in the dash---but I could not read what the warning was.   The seller told me it was because the spark plugs needed replaced.   I kept telling her that I had never seen a red warning light in the dash because of anything related to spark plugs----but she stood by her story.   I wanted to look under the  hood, but was afraid of the hood falling down on me.  
     After letting it run for awhile, and the noises actually getting worse sounding,  And more parts randomly just falling off the dash.  I really wanted to go for a test drive   for some reason.   My wife would not get in the van, fearing another dozen warning lights would suddenly come on   in the dash just before the engine fully gave up and fell out of the vehicle.   Leaving us stranded.   Hell I would have took pictures, to put online by any postings attempting to sell the van, walked back to the home   handed them the keys and got in our truck to pick up my beautiful wife.   But we did not test drive it on this day.   Maybe someone reading this would go with me?   We pass the rig every day  so I know it's still for sale.   Last bit of fun---I asked if they would go down on the price, because it obviously needed work.   Like a new engine   to start.   The price was painted on all the windows, but I was soon told that this was not the real price, the tags had blown off---not sure how  since like I said, they were painted on but  OK...     Now we were down to only $2700!   Wow!   I checked in the back of the van again----still no gold bars hidden back there---  I than let her try to explain why she thought this yard art was worth so Dam much.   Nothing is always a great response in my book.  It was now time to wrap this joke up, and admit to a complete waste of time -except for the pure entertainment value of course.  I told her that she now had our phone number and when the price hit $1100 or gold bars appeared, filling the trunk, to give us a call.  The vehicle hunt continues.   ;)

    ****Breaking news** A Ford Taurs was observed at 9:00 PM this evening traveling north from Nogales AZ at a high rate of speed. The vehicle flipped several times and landed on it's top by the side of the road. 95 people are assumed dead.****-------    I kid!   But that's funny right there.

 Crazy stupid waste of time---or crazily amazing??!    Either way your thoughts run I miss some amazing Woods Coffee      Besides having great coffee-- and that's going by high Washington/Oregon state coffee great    they also have some of the most amazing buildings/locations in and around Bellingham.    and coffee and Legos     wow!!

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