Sunday, April 16, 2017

Another Day Another Post That Ain't Worth A Dollar

           Well hello there---so we meet again!?   But what a great place to meet.  It is about 8 at night here in the desert and the weather report says it's dark outside.  ;) Today just happens to be Easter.  So Hoppy Easter to all y'all!   You will have to go back to other years posts of mine to get much more than that from me today.  Amazing holiday and today was an amazing day weather wise and family wise, just not feeling posting about the holiday.  


Try checking out more of my blog posts!

      I finally posted in my extra fine Exploring Arizona page last night.  And was happy to see a huge response in readership already.   I hope to have time to post much more on this page and to actually start pushing for more and more readers.  Why not start the trend and go visit this wonderful page

The other days  walk about San Pedro. More pictures to come. Now to BBQ and bonfire at the homestead. Paid daze off work are ruff!!   More picture from this fine day coming very soon to the above page.   But here are a few to wet your whistle.  

    **"If you've noticed this notice, then you'll notice that this notice was not worth noticing."**

     **" I saw my mate Jim for the first time in ages today, I said good god Jim you've put on a lot of weight , he said, "Tell me something I don't know" I said "Salad tastes good"**

   Potential newbie interviewing to be a server:    "Well I think I bring a lot to the table!"

    **What word starts with P and ends with ORN?? PopcORN you perv!** 

Forget Pokemon and 
catch all of these!

  Most of these horoscope bits are far from true -at least for this Leo    but this one is dead on.  ;)

My new toy   although I still really have not had time to mess with it basically any at all.
My current computer is already all set up   and im lazy   

I did not write the following  but I find it great.
I got it off an Ataxia web sight---after --again in blue print I offer my two cents 

Ataxia sucks, it surely does
Life can't be what it once was
When crabbies, frustration, and pity surround you
It rubs off on everyone around you
Before you know it, you're all alone
In your own little world…your ataxia zone
It really does not have to go down that road
But your pride and your stubbornness make that big load
You're always embarrassed for someone to see you
And think it would change if they could just be you
The treatment ain't there, NO drugs really work
So you'd rather sit there and look like a jerk
It's all in the attitude, no doubt about it
So don't let your foolish pride step out and cloud it
Your friends and your neighbors and family
Can all only see what you want them to see
So if you really want to improve your life
It's all on you, not your husband or wife
Your kids or your parents or siblings can't change you
No doctor on earth can rearrange you
Life isn't so bad if you give it a chance
But you must be willing to sing and dance
It's easy to blame everything else this is true
But if life is hell, point the finger at you...

My beautiful wife has a form of atexia. Most days she is the strongest person I have ever meet for sure. Often I'm sure putting up with me is worse than anything above. Not to lessen her struggles in any way, and Lord I wish I could make things easier for her or buy a cure, but I think the above applies to everyone

She also has a birthday tomorrow.  I don't think she reads my blogs anymore --I wouldn't    so I will not wish her a happy birthday on this page, no I will not!   She says she does not want to celebrate at all   turning 27 again.   But I know better than this, kind of like when she says she if "fine"   fix things quick   or start running.   Get some presents and celebrators---or start running!   ;)  But I also see were she is coming from.  The older we all get the less a thrill celebrating getting older becomes.  Heck many people do not even know when my birthday really is  because when I am feeling really low and down---I change my birth date on Facebook   and glow in the well wishes of people that don't know any better, but Facebook said it was my birthday.  Nor have they yet noticed that I have had 22 birthdays already this year.   Beyond all of that    when my beautiful wife was diagnosed ---she was flat out told she would not live long enough to see this birthday       I will spare the beating, in case she does read these posts   by not saying how many times she has turned 27.   

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